Here’s a complete list of the articles we’ve written at “Paints in the Point,” from most recent to least recent. We’ve also written some series that you might enjoy.

    A 2014 “The Decision” Retrospective


    Paints in the Point Podcast: Season 2 Episode 9

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Season 2 Episode 8

    Season Preview: 2010-2011 NBA Season

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Season 2 Episode 7

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Season 2 Episode 6

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Season 2 Episode 5

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Season 2 Episode 4

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Season 2 Episode 3

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Season 2 Episode 2

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Season 2 Premiere


    Brother Red Part III: The Departure

    The Shoe is Falling

    E Pluribus Unum

    Heat of the Moment

    The End.

    It’s Not You, It’s Me

    LeBron James “The Decision” Bingo

    Looking Forward to “The Decision”

    No Engine Brake

    Circling Thunderstorms

    Beasts of Darkness and Free Agency

    LeBron James to the Chicago Bulls. And how.

    Idle Chatter on Draft Day

    I Told You So

    Dude, Jack

    Authentic, Unpredictable, New Single

    Visit Miami-Wade County July 1-7

    Chunky Monkey

    From the Clouds

    It Always Goes In

    Ignore It Like Kobe

    Set and Carved


    Let’s Cut a Groove

    What a Shame

    Comfort and Coaching

    Take the Future

    Revitalize The Desire

    Mission Statement

    Ready My Bags

    My Machines are Oiled

    Steamroller Blues

    Smoke Over Cleveland

    The Path Isn’t Paved

    Want and Need

    It Wasn’t Ideal

    No Redemption

    Pick-and-Roll and Politics

    Magic Kingdom

    So It Begins

    Prospects of Bronze

    Paints in the Point Exclusive Coverage: LeBron’s MVP Ceremony

    The White Mamba?

    Farewell and Return Soon

    Moving On

    Being Chill

    Huge Sigh of Belief

    Don’t See No Fat Lady

    Bigger Than Expected

    Let the Series Begin

    I Love This Stuff

    Are the Clouds Closer?

    The Prestige




    Just Say No!

    Good Times

    Are You Kidding Me?

    I Believe in Wind

    No Respect

    To the Worthy

    A Matter of Time

    It’s Always Sunny

    No Reason

    It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

    Fire In the Sky

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 21 (Updated)

    The Freelancer to Return to Blogging at Masters

    An Open Apology to Our Readers

    Another April Fools’ Letter to Our Readers

    Too Soon

    I had nothing to do with this

    An April Fools’ Letter to Our Readers

    The Return of the Beloved

    Play It Safe


    Step It Up

    Long Delay

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Agent Six?

    Blue Chips

    Countdown to Reggie Time and Upcoming 30 for 30 Slate

    Still Fighting It

    Happy Birthday Sasha Vujacic!


    The Myth


    Like Peas in a Pod

    Where Amazing Happens

    What Does It All Mean?


    I Paid My Money

    Strawon Butler

    Happy Birthday!

    It’s Over

    Hustle and Loyalty

    Paints in the Point All-Star Podcast: Episode 20

    Better than watching the Nets

    He’s Back

    I’m Also Excited

    The Reunion?

    The Aftermath

    This Guy

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 19

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 18

    The Learning Curve

    The Future

    You Can’t Do This To Me


    Remember When?

    ABC Loves The Shaq

    I Got Soul

    What It Feels Like to be Kevin Garnett

    I’ll Be There

    “Winning Time”

    Beady Eyes On the Horizon

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 17

    When They Were President: One Liners

    When They Were President: Pat Riley

    When They Were President: The Prologue

    Fire and Rain

    We Never Change

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 16

    Knock on Wood

    The Collapse of Immortality

    Live Blogging Charles Barkley’s Saturday Night Live Hosting Appearance

    Charles Barkley Hosting “Saturday Night Live:” A Preview

    Hip-Hop Breeds Contempt

    The Decay of Greatness

    Where Defense Happens

    Paints in the Point Best of the Decade Podcast: Episode 15 (Fixed)

    Greg Oden and the Big Man Apocalypse

    Best Movies of the Decade

    Best Press Conferences of the Decade

    Best Dunks of the Decade

    Game Theory and the NBA

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 14

    Big Game James

    Live Blogging the Christmas Quintuple-Header

    Happy Republic of China Constitution Day!

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 13

    Make Them Love The Situation

    Paints in the Point On the Road: Podcast Episode 12

    Paints in the Point Thanksgiving: Podcast Episode 11

    What It’s Like Inside a Team Jet

    Globetrotting with the Globetrotters: Episode 6

    Globetrotting with the Globetrotters: Episode 5

    Globetrotting with the Globetrotters: Episode 4

    Back Where We Belong, Almost

    Observations on the Boston/San Antonio Game

    Observations on the Phoenix/Cleveland Game

    Nets? no. Wolves? no. Clippers? yes, that’s LA for you.

    Champ’s Power Rankings: Week 5

    Stan Van Jeremy

    Frame It Properly

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 10

    Observations on the Milwaukee/Oklahoma City Game

    We Tigers?

    Observations on the Chicago/Utah Game

    Champ’s Power Rankings: Week 4

    Observations on the Orlando/Atlanta Game

    It’s Thanksgiving Dwight Howard!

    On Allen Iverson

    A Little Tenderness

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 9

    Rockin’ Steady

    Let Bygones Be Your Enemy

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 8

    National Geographic’s Expedition Week Live Blog: Great White: Face to Face

    Champ’s Power Rankings: Week 3

    Way to Go: Brandon Jennings

    Observations on the Utah/Cleveland Game

    Liberty and Justice for All

    Switch it to Respect it

    Observations on the Cleveland-Miami Game

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 7

    Lessons Learned

    Observations on the Cleveland/Orlando Game

    Lookalikes: Jamario Moon and Jalen Rose

    Champ’s Power Rankings: Week 2

    Paul Pierce can Act?

    You Only Get What You Give

    Observations on the Miami/Washington Game

    A Bunch of Chicken Littles

    Champ’s Power Rankings: Week One

    Way to Go: Kevin Martin

    Fantasy Basketball: Week One

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 6

    Season Preview: Final Standings

    Way to Go: Andrea Bargnani

    Just My Thoughts


    Season Preview: Los Angeles Lakers

    You Can Now Begin Your Preparations for the Apocalypse

    Season Preview: Cleveland Cavaliers

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 5

    Season Preview: Orlando Magic

    Season Preview: Boston Celtics

    Paints in the Fantasy Draft

    Season Preview: Denver Nuggets

    Season Preview: Portland Trail Blazers

    How Can You Argue With Success?

    Season Preview: San Antonio Spurs

    Season Preview: Houston Rockets

    Season Preview: New Orleans Hornets

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 4

    Season Preview: Dallas Mavericks

    Season Preview: Utah Jazz

    Season Preview: Atlanta Hawks

    Season Preview: Phoenix Suns

    Season Preview: Miami Heat

    Season Preview: Philadelphia 76ers

    Paints in the Point Updates

    Globetrotting with the Globetrotters: Episode 3

    Globetrotting with the Globetrotters: Episode 2

    Season Preview: Chicago Bulls

    Season Preview: Detroit Pistons

    Season Preview: Indiana Pacers

    Season Preview: Charlotte Bobcats

    Season Preview: New Jersey Nets

    Season Preview: Milwaukee Bucks

    Season Preview: Toronto Raptors

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 3

    Season Preview: New York Knicks

    Season Preview: Golden State Warriors

    Season Preview: Minnesota Timberwolves

    Season Preview: Memphis Grizzlies

    Season Preview: Oklahoma City Thunder

    Season Preview: Los Angeles Clippers

    Ignore the Speed Limit

    Season Preview: Washington Wizards

    Globetrotting with the Globetrotters: Episode 1

    Season Preview: Sacramento Kings

    In Soviet Russia, Nets New Jersey You!

    Keeping Up With the Candy Man

    Brother Red Part 2: The Road of Trials


    Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

    Gloriously Boring

    gr3g oDen

    Some Paints Updates

    Say It Isn’t So

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 2

    Leave Doubt at the Door

    When In China

    Get to know your 1987 Dallas Mavericks: Part Three

    Breakup at the Food Court

    Ron Artest on Tim Duncan

    My Heart’s the Same

    Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 1

    Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears a Crown

    Paints in the Point Podcast

    Get to know your 1987 Dallas Mavericks: Part Two

    Ron-Ron Does L.A.

    Eastward Bound

    Seven Seconds or Less

    Get to know your 1987 Dallas Mavericks: Part One

    Shooting Star

    Shaqtastic New Words, 2009

    August and Everything After

    Take On Me

    Become a Fan of Paints in the Point!

    Friends Call Him The Shaq

    Paints in the 2 Point 0

    Live Blogging the 2009 LeBron James Bike-A-Thon

    A Whole New Perspective

    The Chronicles of Redick


    Earn Your Scars

    Joe Beast Lands in the ATL

    Live Blogging Saturday’s PGA Championship

    Unleash the Beast

    Lightning Strikes Twice

    Can’t Stand Losing You

    Glory Days


    Supernova In Progress

    The Future Is Here

    The Defiance of a Warrior

    Inside the Name Part 5

    We Begin Anew

    Bust a Move

    The Slamball Live Blog That Never Was

    The Return of Slamball

    Turtle Power

    You Ain’t Ready For War

    Horizontal Movement

    Inside the Name Part 4

    A Flash of Genius

    Live Blogging the WNBA All-Star Game

    The Plight of Goliath

    Kobe v. LeBron

    Inside the Name Part 3

    Slam Dunk

    Three-on-Three Paints in the Point Live Blog

    The Formation of a Twister

    City on a Hill

    Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City

    Bottom of the T-Odom Pole

    Destiny Colliding With Karma

    Basketball Watching Etiquette

    The Unimaginable Hypothetical Impossibility

    Hedo the Hero

    The Bottom Line

    Living in the Shadow of Greatness

    The Success Recipe

    Inside the Name Part 2

    Need for Sheed


    The Turkoglu Turnover

    The Artest Aspect

    The Pistons Effect

    The International Game

    Inside the Name Part 1

    The Houston Rockets Explained

    The Natural

    Live Blogging Picks 7-60 of the 2009 NBA Draft

    Cupid’s Couples

    The Draft

    The Canadian Flash

    The Tin Man

    Wrap It Before You Scrap It

    Basketball Chess

    Brother Red

    One More for Kobe

    The Dynamic Duo

    The Phantom of the NBA Opera

    There Will Be Blood: The Shane Battier Story

    The Big Iceberg

    The Calm before the Storm

    Chris Paul: the Savior in Shorts

    This Day in History

    Playing for Keeps: Kobe Bryant

    A Beautiful Sight

    Kobe vs. Kobe vs. Dwight minus LeBron

    Pietrus Abandoning Kobe’s Shoes

    Ballsy Claim of the Week

    A Brief History of the Orlando Magic

    Let’s just get this out of the way

    Who ya got?

    Land of the Lost

    Player Profile: Mickael Pietrus

    The Clutchicity of Reggie Miller

    Any topics we should discuss?

    Varejao Opts Out

    The Luckiest Guy in the World

    The Mystique of The Association

    The Man’s Rebound

    An Argument for Kevin Martin

    The Wussification of the NBA

    The Blueprint

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