The Calm before the Storm

letsmakeadealWith all of the focus on the 2010 free agent class, this upcoming class is being overlooked. Not without substantial talent, the free agent class of 2009 has the ability to change the direction of a team or hinder their development.

Best Scorer: Allen Iverson

Even with his aging body beginning to wear down, the Answer can still post 40 points in any game.

Best Scorer not named Iverson: Ben Gordon

Proving his ability against the Celtics in the playoffs, Gordon may have earned himself a large contract this off-season. He will either post 30 points in a game, or barely reach the 10-point plateau for his new team. Runner-up: Ricky Davis.

Most likely to own and operate a Blockbuster store: Ron Artest

A player known for his defensive prowess, Artest has likely found his basketball home in Houston. But, being Ron Artest, who knows what will happen. Runner-up: Joe Smith.

Player most likely to get a tattoo he will regret: Chris Anderson

Loved by the Nuggets fans, Birdman is an all hustle and heart player. If he chooses to leave the Mile High City, Anderson will draw interest from many teams looking for an energetic bench player. Runner-up: Stephon Marbury.

Sturdiest player: Andre Miller

He wont dazzle you with his stats or play, but Miller will give his team leadership and sturdy play at the point-guard position. Runner-up: Kwame Brown.

Player most like an Iceberg: Lamar Odom

Even though he has always been a player with loads of talent, Odom has never reached his potential. At 6’10” with catlike agility, Odom has the talent to be an All-Star forward. Runner-up: Lorenzen Wright.

Team that could fall out of contention: Utah Jazz

If, beyond all likelihood, they lose all of their unrestricted free agents, they will need to fill 7 spots. Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver, Mehmet Okur, Ronnie Price, Jarron Collins, Morris Almond, and Brevin Knight could all leave if they so choose. Runner-up: Atlanta Hawks.

Most likely to be traded during the season: Shawn Marion

A player with tremendous talent, Marion has traveled like a nomad the past two seasons. Teams in playoff contention could always use a player like Marion who can post 15 to 20 points a game and help at the defensive end. Runner-up: Wally Szczerbiak.

Best Player: Carlos Boozer

A solid player who can easily post a double-double for an entire season, Boozer’s only problem is staying healthy. He will certainly draw interest from every team with cap-space. Runner-up: Shawn Marion.

Player who will be tossed out of the most games: Rasheed Wallace

Although he is loaded with talent, his short fuse can cost his team when he is thrown out of games for arguments. Runner-up: Ron Artest.

The next Wally Szczerbiak: Wally Szczerbiak

Runner-up: Donyell Marshall.

Player who is not Benjamin Button: Jason Kidd

Kidd is aging and aging fast. He can still be a solid player, but he is certainly not getting any younger and he will cost major dollars for the team that signs him. Runner-up: Grant Hill.

Most likely to get an illegitimate triple-double: Ricky Davis

What can be said about Ricky Davis that hasn’t already been said. He can score with tremendous ability, but he doesn’t play well with others. Runner-up: Stephon Marbury.

Most likely to become a fan favorite: Nate Robinson

Krypto-Nate is a restricted free agent and will likely stay with the Knicks in order to remain in that system that he excels in. Runner-up: Anderson Varejao.

Most likely to be most improved: Marcin Gortat

Superman’s backup, Gortat is drawing much interest from around the league, including the Knicks. A 7-footer who can score, he can help out any team. Runner-up: Marvin Williams.


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