Brother Red


Although Delonte West may not always speak with perfect diction, or good diction, or average diction for that matter, he does know how to play basketball. Hailing from Washington D.C., West attended Saint Joseph’s University along with fellow future professional Jameer Nelson. The two guards formed a formidable couple while leading their team to national consequence, going 30-2 and reaching the Elite Eight during one season.

The next stop for D-West was the National Basketball Association. West was drafted by the Boston Celtics and asked to switch from being a 2-guard to being a point-guard. He waddled in irrelevance for the next few seasons with the pathetic Celtics struggling to maintain tolerable play.

Unable to find the proper footing in Beantown, West was shuffled off to the team formerly known as the Seattle Supersonics in the trade that brought Ray Allen to Boston. West would spend less than one season at Starbucks headquarters before he was traded once again, this time to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

For only the second time in his short career, West would reach the playoffs. The Cavs would bow out in seven games against his former employer, the Boston Celtics. The Cavs would regroup, keeping Delonte in their starting lineup, this time switching back to being a 2-guard, for their most successful season ever. However, Brother Red’s hustle and flow were not enough, as the Cavs would eventually lose to the Orlando Magic in six games in the Eastern Conference Finals.

With the Cavaliers looking to possibly shuffle the deck and reload for next season, West’s status with the team is very much in doubt. One thing that is not in doubt is West’s heart and desire for the game of basketball, and his utter incoherence while speaking.


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