Greg Oden and the Big Man Apocalypse

January 2, 2010

The mere idea of a dominant big man is enough to make most GMs around the league salivate and most send most fans into a frenzy that would be more apropos in an institution for the insane. They can control a game like no other position can and have opposing coaches sweat more the night before the game more than any other player. Read the rest of this entry »


Observations on the Phoenix/Cleveland Game

December 2, 2009

and here...we...go

Two of the best teams in the league matchup tonight as Amare Stoudemire and Steve Nash take on LeBron James, Mo Williams, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

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Champ’s Power Rankings: Week 4

November 27, 2009


1. Los Angeles Lakers: OK, an early home schedule is good and all, and Pau Gasol is back and doing work, and everythings clicking. But, there is no but, the Lakers are the number one team in the league. However, I’m not sure Kobe’s increased scoring is a good sign or not.

2. Atlanta Hawks: Disclaimer: Yes I am writing this after watching their cold effort in their falling to the Orlando Magic, at home. But coming into Monday this team was still on fire, yes they deserve to be here now. Next week? watch out.

3. Denver Nuggets: Coming into the season I was concerned about Denver. Yes, drafting Ty Lawson is a HUGE plus, but they made no offseason moves to improve the team. But then, Carmello Anthony stepped up, he finally is dishing out points and rebounds like a true superstar. Tracking Anthony’s development at a recent trip to the pool really sold me on the Nuggets, they’ve come a long way. They had Allen Iverson around this time last year.

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A Little Tenderness

November 24, 2009

To begin, I would like to talk about, in my and many others opinion, the best player on the planet: Kobe Bryant. Read the rest of this entry »

Season Preview: Portland Trail Blazers

October 22, 2009

Team History:

The Blazers entered the NBA as an expansion team in 1970, which itself is not very interesting. However, seven years later, with the help of Bill Walton, the Blazers won their first and only championship in franchise history. Shortly after, however, Walton injured his foot and demanded a trade to the team of his choice. The Blazers refused and Walton held out the entire next season, leaving the team as a free agent shortly after. Read the rest of this entry »

gr3g oDen

September 14, 2009
Thankfully, this image was not seen in 3D.

I would have liked to see some parts of this photo in 3D, but certain other parts I could do without.

So, as I was watching ESPN’s telecast of the Ohio State-USC football game in 3D, they decided to have interviews with various sports stars who were in the crowd, typical to about every football telecast nowadays.

First, they interviewed Ohio State alum Santonio Holmes. Fresh off of his spectacular performance on Thursday night versus the Tennessee Titans, he answered a few questions from incompetent sideline reporter Ed Cunningham. Holmes apprehensively obliged the reporter when asked to thrust his fist (replete with his Super Bowl ring) towards the special 3D camera. The diamonds popped out from the screen. History was made, as the first occurrence of 3D athlete arrogance was committed.

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Bust a Move

August 3, 2009


When is it too soon to label someone a bust? Perhaps it is more to do with the standard of play rather than the length of their time in the league. The term “bust” is usually used to describe a high draft pick who fails to live up to the pre-draft hype surrounding him like a cloud of expectations. Their failures often live in the halls of infamy and serve as warnings to teams not to pick based entirely on hype and statistics. Read the rest of this entry »