An Argument for Kevin Martin

May 31, 2009

Kevin MartinKevin Martin may have an unorthodox shot, play in a dying market, and draw his nickname from a lackluster department store; but K-Mart serves as the NBA’s most underrated 2 guard, and possibly it’s most underrated player.

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The Wussification of the NBA

May 30, 2009

manuOver the last couple of decades, the Association has seen a rise in complaints about foul calls, and it’s no secret why: there is a wussification occurring in the NBA. Everyone sees the blatant and disgusting flops by supposedly adult men while players attempt to drive to the basket.

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The Blueprint

May 29, 2009

We are four men. We like basketball. We like to write. We plan to write about basketball. We have other interests among us like the music of Bob Dylan, the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche, the Tralfamadorian concept of time, Kenny Lofton, the stock market, running, and Reese’s Cups. We hope to incorporate all these things together to present a unique view of the cherished sport which we love.