Need for Sheed


Some sources close to the situation have claimed that Rasheed Wallace has decided to sign with the Boston Celtics for a reported two-year deal. The addition of Wallace for the Celtics vaults them back into the championship contending echelon of teams. More important than the Celtics upgrading their status among the elite, this move signifies that the world is indeed flat.

A star player with incredible range for a big man, Wallace has been plagued by his own obligation to parade his anger on the court, as is well documented in the book. Never accused of lacking intensity or passion, Wallace seems oddly fitting in a Celtics lineup that features Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen. The Celtics are already a medley of personalities, with Sergeant Garnett and Ray “The Black President” Allen gelling around the already present Pierce. Critics and media have proposed the possibility of Kevin Garnett keeping Rasheed in check, not allowing Sheed to explode like bread out of a toaster at a disagreeable foul call. Rasheed is the only player who can force calmness onto his being. If he is desperate enough to win, he will keep himself in check, but the Garnett presence won’t hurt the chances of prematurely stopping a Rasheed blowup.

How will the Celtics and Doc Rivers utilize Rasheed in their lineup? Will he be in the starting lineup next to Garnett? He would then have to replace Kendrick Perkins at the center spot. Depending on his willingness to sacrifice personal glory, Wallace may start out games on the bench, coming in on the first shift and adding solid defense and instant offense. Will he be able to stomach a bench role for the Celtics? He has likely already discussed these scenarios at length with Doc and the rest of the Celtics.

Celtics GM Danny Ainge is stacking up aging All-Star players like a teetering Jenga tower. Already stacked with Garnett, Pierce, and Allen, and the up-and-coming Rajon Rondo, the Celtics addition of Wallace makes the Celtics a truly imposing force. There are also murmurs of the Celtics picking up another former All-Star in Grant Hill. Boston is rapidly trying to win a championship before the Boston Three-party are forced into obscurity by their own wear and tear.

The Celtics acquisition of Rasheed shakes up the Eastern Conference like an earthquake on the San Andreas Fault line. The move immediately makes the Orlando move of trading for Vince Carter look weaker than Kevin Durant bench pressing. The Celtics nearly defeated the Magic without the injured Kevin Garnett, and the Carter move is significantly trumped by the possible Rasheed move. The Magic cannot compete, barring injury, with the new and improved Celtic team. The most peculiar matchup will be the Celtics and Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers made the early splash in the off-season with the trade for Shaquille O’Neal. Made in particular to stop Dwight Howard, the move also has the benefit of helping to stop the Celtic big men. The adding of Wallace signals the end of Leon Powe’s stay in Beantown. Glen Davis’ future is now in doubt, as Big Baby might land a large contract with another team. Rasheed provides a matchup problem for the Cavs, as did Rashard Lewis of the Magic. However, the Cavaliers already have knowledge of how to stop Sheed when he was with the rival Pistons. The matchup provides for some need to watch games in the playoffs.


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