When They Were President: One Liners

January 25, 2010

Baron Davis would certainly have a great presidency.

A recap and an extension of the one liners presented in the 18th Paints in the Point podcast.

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Live Blogging the Christmas Quintuple-Header

December 25, 2009

Editor’s Note: This was a live blog. As the afternoon progressed, this post was periodically updated with reactions from the quintuple-header (not a “pentuple-header” as incorrectly reported in Podcast #14)

12:00 PM: Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” kicks off the action, accompanied by ridiculous clips of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Dwyane Wade shaking (obviously empty) wrapped presents, replete with equally ridiculous Santa hats. I have a feeling that I will get sick of this song by the end of the first quarter. Hopefully I’ll be able to dig up a YouTube link in case you haven’t seen it yet.

12:02 PM: Fun stat: Dwyane Wade has played in five Christmas Day (and/or Taiwanese Constitution Day) games over the past seven seasons.

12:06 PM: Dwyane Wade warms up by doing pull ups on the rim of the basket. No big deal.

12:08 PM: Tip-off. The Knicks win the tip, sporting green jerseys that look awful.

12:15 PM: Now, those are three words you don’t hear that often in the same sentence: “Knicks,” “winning,” and “streak.” Apparently, they have a five-game home winning streak, dating back to November 29.

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Observations on the Phoenix/Cleveland Game

December 2, 2009

and here...we...go

Two of the best teams in the league matchup tonight as Amare Stoudemire and Steve Nash take on LeBron James, Mo Williams, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

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Observations on the Utah/Cleveland Game

November 14, 2009

We got a front row seat right here on the couch

Its Saturday night and there is basketball in Cleveland.

The Champ and the Franchise are here as the Jazz try to end Cleveland’s streak of 3 wins in a row.

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Observations on the Cleveland/Orlando Game

November 11, 2009


So the day has come, the Cavaliers and the Magic meet again. Both teams look different, Cleveland with Shaq, Orlando with Dwight Howard.

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Champ’s Power Rankings: Week One

November 3, 2009

The 2009-2010 season has been one of immense scoring, and tremendous excitement.

bos1. Boston Celtics: I am no fool. The Celtics are legit, at this point in time the C’s are  the best team in the league. Their offense is clicking, Rasheed Wallace looks more like a contestant for the All Star Weekend NBA 3 Point Contest, rather than the Sixth Man of the Year. Rondo got his extension, a safe move to protect young talent on an aging team. Things are working out in Boston, and as of week one, no team can touch them.


2. Orlando Magic: Just ask The Octagon, the Magic are very potent. The depth of this Magic Team is simply incredible. Their scoring recalls the glory days of the Phoenix Suns under Mike D’Antoni. Just think with J.J. (Get me a record deal!) Reddick scoring 27 points in the absence of Vince Carter, as well as Rashard Lewis’ suspension and Pietrus’ injury the Orlando Magic offense firing on all cylinders is truly scary.


3. Los Angeles Lakers: I can’t bring myself to rank the Lakers any lower than third, they are: 1. still the best team substantially in the Western Conference 2. temporarily lacking the frontcourt depth that Pau Gasol brings and 3. they are the Los Angeles Lakers, the same Lakers that have won 15 NBA titles, brought in guys like Gasol and Ron Artest, and will continue to do anything to win Kobe another ring.

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Just My Thoughts

October 28, 2009
kobe ring

Kobe Bryant shows off his fourth championship ring.

At long last, we tip off once more. Eight months away from the 2010 Finals, the Association is already buzzing with the excitement of opening night.

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