Observations on the Phoenix/Cleveland Game

and here...we...go

Two of the best teams in the league matchup tonight as Amare Stoudemire and Steve Nash take on LeBron James, Mo Williams, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. 


1st Half: 

Mo en fuego. cool. 

Retro Jerseys, alright. 

LeBron James just did the classic “Warriors come out to play” scene. Coby Karl is still a scrub. 

Shaq: good move off a great pass from LeBron. 

The Champ is very interested in the Hickson/Stoudemire matchup. 

Lucky bounce out from a Steve Nash floater. 

Grant Hill has crazy bug eyes.

Alley oop from LeBron James to JJ. Hickson.Anderson Varejao has a man’s rebound.

What a dime piece! Zydrunas Ilgauskus’ wife has us more impressed than his franchise game record.

Seeing Danny Ferry reminds us of the time he almost ran over the Custodian on a bicycle.

This is what happens when the Suns play a team that employs defense.

LeBron steals the ball from Amare and nails a almost halfcourt shot at the buzzer! wow. just. wow.

The Champ and The Franchise chest bump. 14-36 Cavs.

He didn’t get it off in time, I still couldn’t make that shot.

Z is lighting up the Q!

Delonte misses a layup, Varejao puts it in, thank God.

Daniel Gibson has the best haircut i’ve ever seen.

Shaq: bank shot and the and-one.

Steve Nash makes a three, you figure he has to take those.

The Suns just look kind of dead.

“Take on Me” by a-ha is playing at the Q.

what happened to this guy. he was funny.

50-24 Cavs lead. The Suns can’t play defense or make shots.

The Champ finds it hard to believe that Robin Lopez has more playing time than –LEBRON WITH THE CHASEDOWN!

Steve Nash with the long three pointer. He has twelve.

JJ Hickson dunk, followed by a foul, good acting by Grant Hill.

LeBron exploits the poor defense of the Suns. and again.

10 seconds left, and the Suns can’t do anything.

The Cavs allow just 29 points to the Suns in the first half. 57-29 Cavs.

2nd Half:

Jason Richardson is cold tonight 0-9. wow.

Amare looks like an old man, a mix of Greg Oden and James Worthy.

Bon Jovi’s playing over the loudspeakers now.

Varejao blocks Amare! ooh, good block.

Austin Carr advertises for Buffalo Wild Wings’ “Boneless Thursdays” for a second The Champ thought he said “Homeless Thursdays”

Anthony Parker hits a timely three, he has 10 points.

Z dunks, the crowd loves him tonight.

Austin Carr talks about controlling emotions, The Scott should learn a thing or two about that.

The Q keeps rocking with J. Geils Band’s “Centerfold”

LeBron looks somewhat defeated as his shot was blocked, he responds with a thundering alley oop from Mo.

Delonte drains a shot at the buzzer to end the third quarter.

We don’t understand how furniture rental places can afford to not check a customer’s credit.

The IQ of the room has significantly dropped wit the addition of non-basketball fans.

Z has now passed Austin Carr for third place on the Cavaliers franchise points scored list.

Steve Kerr's career or this guy's?

G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra, we’ll pass.

Mo Williams sticks a three to reach 100 points, “Chalupas!” exclaims The Franchise.

“Baba O’Reilly” is now rocking the Q.

Delonte almost got that rebound against Amare.


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