You can contact the Paints Dudes in a number of ways:

Via phone: (330) 863-8372

Via text: 729669 with “@paintsinthepoint” (no quotes) preceding your message

Via e-mail:

Via Twitter:

You may also contact each of the Paints Dudes individually by sending e-mail to the addresses listed below or by clicking on the links below:

The Champ (

The Custodian (

The Franchise (

The Freelancer (

The Ivy Leaguer (

The Sleeve (

The Octagon (


3 Responses to Contact

  1. Samuel Knight says:

    I just wanted to let the whole crew of Paints in the Point Basketball Blog that the website will be featured in an issue of the devils tale. Now don’t get to brash and boastful, just continue to work hard. As the bible says in the book of thebes section 14 chapter 27 sentence two verbs six and 13 “Do Work”
    I have also been asked to leave “Bad Advice” alone which i will. There will be no spinoffs to emberace the legacy you have created. Contact me if you have story ideas.

  2. Samuel Knight says:

    Go Notre Dame!

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