Observations on the Phoenix/Cleveland Game

December 2, 2009

and here...we...go

Two of the best teams in the league matchup tonight as Amare Stoudemire and Steve Nash take on LeBron James, Mo Williams, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

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Observations on the Milwaukee/Oklahoma City Game

November 28, 2009

Jefferson out, Jennings in

We have never seen a Thunder game, We never seen a Jennings era Bucks game, we have never been so excited.

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We Tigers?

November 27, 2009

At Paints in the Point we occasionally like to search the web for basketball sites that catch our interest.

However, we sometimes end up on sites that sell tigers.

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Observations on the Chicago/Utah Game

November 27, 2009

….and we’re back. Reggie Miller’s here. But the Custodian is not.

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Champ’s Power Rankings: Week 4

November 27, 2009


1. Los Angeles Lakers: OK, an early home schedule is good and all, and Pau Gasol is back and doing work, and everythings clicking. But, there is no but, the Lakers are the number one team in the league. However, I’m not sure Kobe’s increased scoring is a good sign or not.

2. Atlanta Hawks: Disclaimer: Yes I am writing this after watching their cold effort in their falling to the Orlando Magic, at home. But coming into Monday this team was still on fire, yes they deserve to be here now. Next week? watch out.

3. Denver Nuggets: Coming into the season I was concerned about Denver. Yes, drafting Ty Lawson is a HUGE plus, but they made no offseason moves to improve the team. But then, Carmello Anthony stepped up, he finally is dishing out points and rebounds like a true superstar. Tracking Anthony’s development at a recent trip to the pool really sold me on the Nuggets, they’ve come a long way. They had Allen Iverson around this time last year.

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Observations on the Orlando/Atlanta Game

November 26, 2009

Yeah, we’re back.

The Champ sits here in his home writing this in anticipation of tonight’s game. The Octagon is now here, good to see him. We’re still waiting on the arrival of The Franchise, and The Custodian is MIA.

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National Geographic’s Expedition Week Live Blog: Great White: Face to Face

November 16, 2009

(Editor’s Note: The original title of this post was “Paints in the Point Exclusive: National Geographic’s Expedition Week Live Blog: Great White: Face to Face a Multimedia Extravaganza featuring The Champ and The Franchise as Master Anglers and Commanders of the Seas,” but was shortened to enhance usability of the website.)

On the National Geogaphic Channel, Expedition Week happens but once a year. To celebrate this we at Paints in the Point have decided to Live Blog the special Great White: Face to Face. Who knows, there may be some basketball references along with our classic Paints in the Point hilarity.

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