April 22, 2010

Does any NBA player give more effort on every single play than Gerald Wallace? He runs down every opponent’s fast break no matter the likelihood of success. The rest of Charlotte, sans Captain Jack, may not be up to the task, but Wallace comes to play every possession. Still, this series isn’t even bordering on legitimately competitive right now. Orlando has played well below average and is still able to dominate the Bobcats.

Also, aren’t the contrasting styles of Wallace and a guy like Vince Carter so palpable?

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It’s Always Sunny

April 13, 2010

Larry Brown has been granted permission by Michael Jordan to interview with Philadelphia to, well, run everything. The Sixers are going to rid themselves of current Head Honcho Eddie Jordan (who was Washington’s coach when they were good) and it appears that Brown and Philadelphia may be reunited. Brown still has a home in Philly and its clear that he can still coach, so why not? I mean, the Bobcats are in the playoffs. Do I have to repeat that? Fine, the Charlotte Bobcats are in the playoffs. And the 76ers are nowhere near where they should be considering they have legitimate talent with the new AI and at least something with Dalembert, Brand, Speights, and Young (who has missed a lot of this season).

Brown may not be returning to Philadelphia with Iverson still running the show, but he is returning to the exact team he lives to coach: a young, inexperienced team thats not really that good. It really isn’t that stunning considering Brown’s track record, which is to get a bad team good then bolt for the next opportunity. And if this was it for Charlotte and Brown, it was a tremendous run/turnaround, still pending playoff results.

I Paid My Money

March 2, 2010

“Michael Jordan” and “failure” are two phrases not usually used in the same sentence, unless antonyms are the goal. And with the news that MJ plans on becoming the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats rather soon, a fair amount of skepticism has bandied about whether or not Jordan can be a good if not competent owner. Read the rest of this entry »

Champ’s Power Rankings: Week 5

November 30, 2009

give it time Brandon Jennings.


1. Los Angeles Lakers: The Champ is sure that the Lakers are glad that Pau Gasol’s injury hasn’t kept him out until Christmas. Sure the Suns have more road wins, but a 19 point rout  by the Lakers earns them the top spot this week, again. A good early home schedule and wins against teams like the pathetic Nets leave LA looking good early.

2. Phoenix Suns: The Pacific Division certainly looks good this year. First team to 14 wins? Impressive. With Steve Nash dishing out double digit assist nights and the team scoring in triple figures, the Suns are winning ball games.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers: Lights out shooting against the Top-10 Dallas Mavericks cancels out the ugly loss despite a late comeback against the Charlotte Bobcats. Undefeated when the team scores 100, the Cavaliers are slowly clicking.

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Season Preview: Charlotte Bobcats

October 8, 2009


The Charlotte Bobcats have a short history, dating back to 2004. The Bobcats are an expansion team that replaced Charlotte’s old team, the Charlotte Hornets, when they left for New Orleans. What the Bobcats may lack in experience is more than made up for by the experience of their owners, such as Michael Jordan and Nelly. You know the Bobcats must be special based on their notable owners.

Even though North Carolina did not have access to our Inside The Name series, it seems that they followed our guidlines quite well, having both a basketball team and a football team named after ferocious felines.

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A Whole New Perspective

August 21, 2009


Since its inception, the Charlotte Bobcats have been a dismal team, chock-a-block with mediocre draft selections/trades/free agent pickups. But, undeterred and full of hope, the Bobcats have made a change. It isn’t the impending sale of the franchise, or replacing Hall-of-Fame coach Larry Brown, or another trade. They are revamping their jerseys to a brand new, yet eerily familiar look that management hopes not only to increase revenue, but also to increase the win total.

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Horizontal Movement

July 28, 2009


Some trades are made to improve a team (see: Kevin Garnett). Some trades are made in order to dump salary and ease the burden (see: Richard Jefferson). Other trades are made for teams get rid of a cancerous player (see: Allen Iverson). This latest proposed deal seems to fit nearly all three of these categories, yet it doesn’t easily slide into any of these groupings.

The deal in question is between the New Orleans Hornets and the Charlotte Bobcats where the Hornets would send beleaguered big man Tyson Chandler to Charlotte for former #2 pick Emeka Okafor. The deal, while involving big names with at times big impacts, changes seemingly little for both teams.

The Hornets have been trying to rid themselves of Chandler’s large contract since last year began. He still has eight figures on his contract and trudged his way through an injury-plagued season in which he averaged less than 10 points and rebounds per game. New Orleans thought they rid themselves of Tyson in a midseason trade to Oklahoma City for Chris Wilcox and Joe Smith. After some deliberation, the Thunder thought Chandler’s injury concerns were too much to deal with and rescinded the trade. Knowing that NO was trying to pardon themselves from the Tyson table, motivation became somewhat of an optional action. His play was moderate at best and embarrassing more often than the Hornets would like.

The potential loaded Chandler thrashed in mediocrity as New Orleans barely reached the playoff plateau as star point guard Chris Paul led the charge. After a first round exit courtesy of the Nuggets, the feverish work of the New Orleans front office to send Tyson elsewhere began once again. There were rumors that the Detroit Pistons were interested in the potential draft bust before the additions of Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon. Then whispers boomed out of the rumor mills that Phoenix, after trading Shaq to Cleveland, were interested in acquiring Chandler for the expiring contract of Ben Wallace.

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