It’s Always Sunny

April 13, 2010

Larry Brown has been granted permission by Michael Jordan to interview with Philadelphia to, well, run everything. The Sixers are going to rid themselves of current Head Honcho Eddie Jordan (who was Washington’s coach when they were good) and it appears that Brown and Philadelphia may be reunited. Brown still has a home in Philly and its clear that he can still coach, so why not? I mean, the Bobcats are in the playoffs. Do I have to repeat that? Fine, the Charlotte Bobcats are in the playoffs. And the 76ers are nowhere near where they should be considering they have legitimate talent with the new AI and at least something with Dalembert, Brand, Speights, and Young (who has missed a lot of this season).

Brown may not be returning to Philadelphia with Iverson still running the show, but he is returning to the exact team he lives to coach: a young, inexperienced team thats not really that good. It really isn’t that stunning considering Brown’s track record, which is to get a bad team good then bolt for the next opportunity. And if this was it for Charlotte and Brown, it was a tremendous run/turnaround, still pending playoff results.


Season Preview: Denver Nuggets

October 22, 2009

Fun Fact: These nuggets were fried at a McDonald's in Denver.


Founded as the Denver Rockets in 1968 as a charter member of the American Basketball Association, the Denver Nuggets found modest success, reaching either a tiebreaker or the playoffs every year while they were an ABA team, but this was more likely because of the ABA’s playoff system (eight of eleven teams reached the playoffs each year, and as the league began to contract, eight of ten teams made the playoffs). Of the nine seasons as an ABA franchise, the Rockets/Nuggets (the name changed in the summer of 1974 so as not to compete with the Rockets team name used by Houston) had a winning record in six seasons, and only won three playoff series, reaching the ABA Finals in the last year of the league’s existence. Led by Dan Issel, David Thompson, Bobby Jones, Marvin Webster, and coached by a very young Larry Brown, even after the team moved into the NBA, they were still successful, extending their tiebreaker/playoff streak to twelve.

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Season Preview: Charlotte Bobcats

October 8, 2009


The Charlotte Bobcats have a short history, dating back to 2004. The Bobcats are an expansion team that replaced Charlotte’s old team, the Charlotte Hornets, when they left for New Orleans. What the Bobcats may lack in experience is more than made up for by the experience of their owners, such as Michael Jordan and Nelly. You know the Bobcats must be special based on their notable owners.

Even though North Carolina did not have access to our Inside The Name series, it seems that they followed our guidlines quite well, having both a basketball team and a football team named after ferocious felines.

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Season Preview: Los Angeles Clippers

September 29, 2009
Good question.

Good question.


The Los Angeles Clippers (and its predecessors) have sucked for a long time. The End.

With 55 characters to spare, that tweet could accurately sum up the entire franchise history of the Los Angeles Clippers better than I’ll be able to in the few paragraphs that follow.

The Buffalo Braves sucked. The San Diego Clippers sucked. Now the Los Angeles Clippers suck. The End.

That’s 39 characters to spare.

With only seven winning seasons as a NBA franchise in the thirty-nine seasons of existence, the Los Angeles Clippers define “suck.” The End.


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August and Everything After

August 27, 2009

Trying to correctly guess what team is going to sign Allen Iverson is less accurate than a shot in the dark. Allen Iverson has recently tweeted about possible suitors and landing destinations, hinting that a possible deal is in the works. The teams reported to be interested in the future Hall-of-Fame guard have included the Heat, Bobcats, Knicks, Grizzlies, and Clippers. Now, the actual interest these teams have in Iverson could be overblown or underplayed, depending on the actual team. The term “fit” will almost never have been so loosely applied as when Iverson eventually inks a deal with any team.

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A Whole New Perspective

August 21, 2009


Since its inception, the Charlotte Bobcats have been a dismal team, chock-a-block with mediocre draft selections/trades/free agent pickups. But, undeterred and full of hope, the Bobcats have made a change. It isn’t the impending sale of the franchise, or replacing Hall-of-Fame coach Larry Brown, or another trade. They are revamping their jerseys to a brand new, yet eerily familiar look that management hopes not only to increase revenue, but also to increase the win total.

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The Defiance of a Warrior

August 6, 2009


I’m not quite sure what to think about Nate Robinson and his high-flying dunk act set in the center of New York City. Sure, his eternal struggle to prove his worth and ability is a nightly epic played out on the greatest basketball stage in the world 41 nights a year, but it is just an everlasting reminder of what could have been had some higher-ups had wised up and given the good fans of the Association what they deserved.

Robinson’s basketball dexterity was prominently displayed on a national stage while a member of the Washington Huskies alongside fellow future professional stud Brandon Roy. Starring not only on the hardcourt, Robinson was a significant player for the Washington Huskies’ football program, making a key interception against the Washington State Cougars. His dearth of height garnered Nate national acceptance and praise for his leaping ability and unexpected awesomeness as a surprising combo guard. Read the rest of this entry »