Live Blogging Charles Barkley’s Saturday Night Live Hosting Appearance

January 10, 2010

This was a live blog of the January 9, 2009 episode of Saturday Night Live that former NBA player and current commentator Charles Barkley hosted. Live reactions are accompanied by the time when it aired on the West Coast, and a sketch rating concludes the post. If you missed the show, most of the episode (except for Alicia Keys) was posted on Hulu.

11:31 PM: Cold Open: U.S. is doubling its support of $70 million to Yemen for security purposes, but the President of Yemen (Fred Armisen) is confused on what the money is to be used for, much to General Petraeus’ (Will Forte) chagrin:

“More al-Queda!” he declared.
“No, less al-Queda.”

Not a bad sketch. But here comes Charles Barkley’s first appearance on Saturday Night Live in 16 years…

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Charles Barkley Hosting “Saturday Night Live:” A Preview

January 9, 2010

Get ready for Charles Barkley to host Saturday Night Live tonight (for the second time!) with the following two promos:

Former Kenan and Kel star and current Saturday Night Live castmember Kenan Thompson does a fairly decent Charles Barkley impression, so we’ll see if that comes into play tonight. Regardless on if it does or not, there will be at least a live blog from the tape-delayed West Coast feed about the show tonight from The Freelancer.

Charles Barkley last hosted the show on September 25, 1993 (the season premiere with musical guest Nirvana), but a lot has changed (or at least, a lot has become public) about Charles Barkley, as alluded to by the promos, such as his gambling problems and alcoholism. Just to give you an idea how long ago that show was, here are some sketches from the show:

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Big Game James

December 30, 2009

Perhaps it is appropriate to characterize James Worthy as one of the luckiest players ever to play in the Association. Drafted first overall by the Los Angeles Lakers in 1982, the 21 year old Worthy immediately became a member of one of the top two teams in the NBA. Imagine if Worthy had been selected second by the San Diego Clippers, we probably wouldn’t be calling him “Big Game James.” Imagine coming into the league right out of college and trying to establish yourself as a talented player while playing under the likes of Bob McAdoo, Norn Nixon, Magic Johnson, Jamaal Wilkes, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. It is possible that Worthy might not even be in the Hall of Fame today if it weren’t for the fact that he was drafted by the Lakers.

During his three seasons at North Carolina, Worthy played with one of the greatest collections of talent ever assembled by a collegiate program. During the 1982 season, Worthy stared for the Tar-Heels alongside Sam Perkins. Joining them was a curiously talented freshmen guard named Michael Jordan. This trio carried the Heels to the 1982 Final Four, and eventually to the NCAA Championship game. Worthy and the Heels squared off against Patrick Ewing and the Georgetown Hoyas, with the Tar Heels prevailing on a late jumper from none other than Michael Jordan.

That year, Worthy was rewarded for his exploits in Tar-Heel blue; he shared National Player of the Year honors with Virginia’s Ralph Sampson after averaging 15.6 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 2.4 assists. Worthy was also a consensus first team All-American. As always, Worthy was at his best in crunch time; he scored 28 points on 13 of 17 from the field and provided a key steal that helped seal a Carolina victory in the 1982 NCAA Championship game. The legend of “Big Game James” was born.

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Observations on the Cleveland-Miami Game

November 12, 2009

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James both look to prove something tonight.

“TNT has the best games” – The Franchise

The Champ and The Franchise are the only two guys watching the game so far tonight, should be a good time.

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Season Preview: Phoenix Suns

October 14, 2009

Team History:

The Phoenix Suns have a history best described as “close, but no cigar”.  The Suns have a grand total of 0 championships in their elongated history. No championships with Kevin Johnson, Charles Barkley, Jason Kidd, Stephon Marbury, or Steve Nash. Despite having often one of the most talented teams in the league, the Suns have never reached the mountaintop. Read the rest of this entry »

One More for Kobe

June 15, 2009


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The Dynamic Duo

June 14, 2009


When comparing dynamic twosomes in the Association, it all comes back to Pippen and Jordan. They are obviously the Batman and Robin of their era, but that raises an interesting query, what does that make everybody else? All of their competitors and teammates must fit somewhere in this superhero spectrum. Read the rest of this entry »