Paints in the 2 Point 0

In case you didn’t notice, we have a new URL for “Paints in the Point.” We are now!

Please update your bookmarks accordingly (this is of course, assuming that you have made bookmarks to our site, but if you haven’t, take a break from reading to do so now!) and revel in the new features of “Paints 2.0:”

  • New URL. is our new home. The overall look of the page will remain the same, but it is no longer necessary to type the longer version of the web address. Please let us know if you find any links that are broken.
  • All posts now have tags. Have you been reading some of our earlier posts from our archives and wondered, “I’d like to read more about something that is mentioned in this article?” Well, with the addition of tags, this has been made possible. If you want to learn more about the Detroit Pistons, click on that tag, and you’ll see a list of blogs that have recently written about the Detroit Pistons.
  • A tag cloud is now available. Of our 45 most-frequently-used tags, the tag cloud (at right) shows how frequently we have used certain tags, relative to the other frequently-used tags. The name of a tag in a larger font indicates that the tag has been used more frequently, whereas a tag in a smaller font indicates that the tag has been used less frequently. Click on a tag and you will see all of our posts written about that topic.
  • You can now contact us more readily. We have a number of new ways to contact the Paints Dudes. You may contact us via the blog’s new e-mail address: paintsinthepoint /at\ , you can find us on Twitter @paintsdudes, and you can also contact an individual author by clicking the “Contact” link above, and then on the individual author.
  • You can now buy official “Paints in the Point” gear. If you’ve ever wanted to spread the word about “Paints in the Point” and didn’t know how, here’s a great opportunity. Get some official “Paints Gear” and show it off to impress your friends! This link is also available if you click the “Gear” link above.
  • Our “About” page has been updated. We’ve added a slightly more detailed information page about the blog.

Let us know if you’d like to see any more features on “Paints in the Point!”


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