Idle Chatter on Draft Day

June 24, 2010

Joakim Noah celebrates his arrival into the NBA with Commissioner Stern.

Since I have taken such a lengthly hiatus from Paints in the Point, let it be known that I intend to return to the web better than ever. Mediocrity may have been my calling card in the past, but tonight is the beginning of a new era. The 2010 NBA Draft marks the return of the Paints in the Point Podcast (my personal favorite) and my return to our webpage. It also marks the arrival of John Wall to the NBA and begins the weeklong countdown to July 1st and Free Agency. Big day, wouldn’t you say? Read the rest of this entry »


Are the Clouds Closer?

April 23, 2010

First off, this isn’t surprising and quite frankly is expected. Everyone knew or believed that the Thunder would take at least one game and everyone knew that Chicago would be competitive, especially after the first two games. And I wouldn’t consider either of these games a “steal” by the 8-seed, they were most certainly victories. Read the rest of this entry »

A Matter of Time

April 14, 2010

I find myself asking a question that at times seems incredibly moronic and myopic on my part and other times perfectly debatable. The question: how good is Kevin Durant? Now, this isn’t going to solve this question as much as work through my troubles with declaring his status thus far. Read the rest of this entry »

Long Delay

March 22, 2010

The Pacers smashed the Thunder yesterday. I can’t really explain why, I didn’t watch the game. However, I’ve noticed that Danny Granger cannot be the main star on a very successful team. Maybe a second option as an all-around player with legitimate scoring abilities, but not the main guy.

Observations on the Milwaukee/Oklahoma City Game

November 28, 2009

Jefferson out, Jennings in

We have never seen a Thunder game, We never seen a Jennings era Bucks game, we have never been so excited.

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Champ’s Power Rankings: Week 4

November 27, 2009


1. Los Angeles Lakers: OK, an early home schedule is good and all, and Pau Gasol is back and doing work, and everythings clicking. But, there is no but, the Lakers are the number one team in the league. However, I’m not sure Kobe’s increased scoring is a good sign or not.

2. Atlanta Hawks: Disclaimer: Yes I am writing this after watching their cold effort in their falling to the Orlando Magic, at home. But coming into Monday this team was still on fire, yes they deserve to be here now. Next week? watch out.

3. Denver Nuggets: Coming into the season I was concerned about Denver. Yes, drafting Ty Lawson is a HUGE plus, but they made no offseason moves to improve the team. But then, Carmello Anthony stepped up, he finally is dishing out points and rebounds like a true superstar. Tracking Anthony’s development at a recent trip to the pool really sold me on the Nuggets, they’ve come a long way. They had Allen Iverson around this time last year.

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Champ’s Power Rankings: Week 2

November 9, 2009


Week Two showed the Beast in Chris Paul, however the Hornets still struggled.


lal1. Los Angeles Lakers: The Lakers played without Bynum and Gasol last night and still resulted in victory. The Lakers are the top dogs in the league right now. No questions about it. Lamar Odum also translated well into his role on Keeping up with the Kardashians.

bos2. Boston Celtics: A slip up against the now formidable Phoenix Suns lost some credibility as well as the near win over the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves cost the C’s to slip to #2 in my rankings. However, they still head their own conference and very well could earn homecourt advantage, minus any major injuries.


3. Phoenix Suns: Surprised? Maybe a little but the Suns are the hot team in the league for now. You forget this team has Steve Nash, Amare Stoudamire, and Jason Richardson. As well as a rejuivenated Grant Hill and an up-and-coming Channing Frye. Will they stay at three? Probably not, but this is Week Two.

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