Champ’s Power Rankings: Week 5

November 30, 2009

give it time Brandon Jennings.


1. Los Angeles Lakers: The Champ is sure that the Lakers are glad that Pau Gasol’s injury hasn’t kept him out until Christmas. Sure the Suns have more road wins, but a 19 point rout  by the Lakers earns them the top spot this week, again. A good early home schedule and wins against teams like the pathetic Nets leave LA looking good early.

2. Phoenix Suns: The Pacific Division certainly looks good this year. First team to 14 wins? Impressive. With Steve Nash dishing out double digit assist nights and the team scoring in triple figures, the Suns are winning ball games.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers: Lights out shooting against the Top-10 Dallas Mavericks cancels out the ugly loss despite a late comeback against the Charlotte Bobcats. Undefeated when the team scores 100, the Cavaliers are slowly clicking.

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Stan Van Jeremy

November 29, 2009

Stan Van Gundy has sex hair, which I guess is fitting considering his resemblence to Ron Jeremy.

Frame It Properly

November 28, 2009

I watched the Oklahoma City Thunder and Milwaukee Bucks and it got me thinking about Kevin Durant. Then I thought about LeBron James and how they will ultimately be judged at the end of their careers.

The part of their career’s that will be most scrutinized will be the number of championships they win, if any at all. Is that the fairest objective measure of greatness relative to another player? Read the rest of this entry »

Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 10

November 28, 2009

In the tenth Paints in the Point Podcast, The Champ, The Custodian, and The Franchise discuss Allen Iverson, Chris Paul, and Dream Finals Matchups. The Octagon joins in the Wildcard Time fun, as he and The Freelancer guest star.

Observations on the Milwaukee/Oklahoma City Game

November 28, 2009

Jefferson out, Jennings in

We have never seen a Thunder game, We never seen a Jennings era Bucks game, we have never been so excited.

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We Tigers?

November 27, 2009

At Paints in the Point we occasionally like to search the web for basketball sites that catch our interest.

However, we sometimes end up on sites that sell tigers.

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Observations on the Chicago/Utah Game

November 27, 2009

….and we’re back. Reggie Miller’s here. But the Custodian is not.

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