Season Preview: 2010-2011 NBA Season

October 26, 2010


Mr. James has been studying all summer to prepare for the new NBA season, but has anything really changed?


In preparation for the start of the NBA season tonight, why not read some of our season previews from last year?

Nothing much has changed, right? Right?

Even if there have been things that have changed over the summer, most of the information is still good— I’m not changing anything in my Clippers or Lakers preview (or for the Lakers, maybe I’ll just add this on).  Read the rest of this entry »


I Told You So

June 18, 2010

Derek Fisher keeps his wife in check: "get under that rope!" (Image courtesy: Wally Skalij / L.A. Times)

I told you so. You don’t remember? From my season preview of the Los Angeles Lakers that Paints in the Point did before the beginning of the season:

This past season, the Lakers won its fifteenth NBA title, defeating the Orlando Magic in five games. Will the Lakers successfully defend their championship this season? Many experts seem to think so, and I’m inclined to agree. The Lakers have only gotten better, and will advance to the Finals, unless something terrible happens, like a meteor colliding with the Staples Center or something like that.

A meteor didn’t collide with the Staples Center this year (though it might have caused less damage than the riots that ensued in Los Angeles after the Lakers won — read on), and subsequently, the Lakers won another title, their sixteenth.

I reiterated my thoughts that the Lakers would win the NBA Finals in Paints in the Point’s “Season Preview” of the Final Standings, not only picking the Lakers to win, but the only Paints Dude to also to have their opponent correct, the Boston Celtics. (Sidebar: A future post will summarize the predictions we made at the beginning of the season, as well as declare one Paints Dude the best for this season.)

This is not to say that I enjoy the Lakers winning the title. I don’t. I hate the Lakers (as does any person who is remotely sane). Read the rest of this entry »

Season Preview: Final Standings

October 29, 2009

I asked the rest of the Paints Dudes to predict the final standings of each division and conference. I also asked them to predict the Conference and NBA Champions. The “consensus” column is approximately the average of the other opinions, ranked by division. Immediately following are the opinions of where each team will finish in the conference. Below that are our predictions for who will advance to the NBA Finals and our predictions of who will win the championship, as well as the winners of selected year-end awards. Even though this is being posted today, all of these predictions were submitted before the first tip of the first game.
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Season Preview: Cleveland Cavaliers

October 27, 2009

For the Cleveland Cavaliers history does not matter. For a franchise that owns one division title and one Eastern Conference title, there is not much to be said about the team’s history. Sure the Cavs have come close a couple of times, and even with past franchise studs like Austin Carr, Mark Price, and Brad Dougherty, the Cavs have never been within reach of the Championship the City of Cleveland desires.

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Season Preview: Denver Nuggets

October 22, 2009

Fun Fact: These nuggets were fried at a McDonald's in Denver.


Founded as the Denver Rockets in 1968 as a charter member of the American Basketball Association, the Denver Nuggets found modest success, reaching either a tiebreaker or the playoffs every year while they were an ABA team, but this was more likely because of the ABA’s playoff system (eight of eleven teams reached the playoffs each year, and as the league began to contract, eight of ten teams made the playoffs). Of the nine seasons as an ABA franchise, the Rockets/Nuggets (the name changed in the summer of 1974 so as not to compete with the Rockets team name used by Houston) had a winning record in six seasons, and only won three playoff series, reaching the ABA Finals in the last year of the league’s existence. Led by Dan Issel, David Thompson, Bobby Jones, Marvin Webster, and coached by a very young Larry Brown, even after the team moved into the NBA, they were still successful, extending their tiebreaker/playoff streak to twelve.

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Season Preview: San Antonio Spurs

October 21, 2009

Team History:

The Spurs have a long and illustrious history dating back to the ABA, unapologetic Afros, short shorts, and a style of playing basketball built to purely entertain. This is of course in reference to George Gervin and his gorgeous finger roll that has since inspired a new generation of flair, much like Kareem’s sky hook or Dr. J’s gliding through the air. Read the rest of this entry »

Season Preview: Dallas Mavericks

October 19, 2009


A Little History:

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