August 22, 2011

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Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 14

December 30, 2009

In the fourteenth Paints in the Point Podcast, The Champ, Cooler Than The Scott, The Custodian, The Franchise, The Freelancer, and The Ivy Leaguer discuss the Kings’ Dollar Beer Night, college sports’ lack of integrity, and BET Blackbusters. Champ’s Story Time discusses the advantages and disadvantages of seeing “Avatar” in 3-D, while The Jester guest stars.

Paints in the Point Thanksgiving: Podcast Episode 11

December 11, 2009

WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST WITH HEADPHONES to fully take advantage of the stereophonic multi-channel sound mixing. In this very special episode (edited down from about six hours of material), the six regular Paints Dudes (including The Freelancer, live from California via Skype), The Oracle, and The Scott gather for the Paints in the Points Thanksgiving Podcast. They discuss the “retirement” of Allen Iverson, the biggest “scrub” in the NBA, and in the largest Wildcard Time ever recorded (Bri-Phi guest stars), they ask questions about Alex Trebek, Lumberjacks, robots, beards, and competitive eating. A double dose of Champ’s Story Time talks about pickup basketball and a review game of epic proportions, with bonus material following the conclusion of the podcast.

Season Preview: Utah Jazz

October 16, 2009

utah jazz1

The Jazz’s franchise began in 1974 in New Orleans. After five seasons they moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. Their first playoff appearance was in 1984. Impressively, the Jazz consistently made the playoffs until 2004. Their ’02-’03 season marked the end of an era, as both John Stockton and Karl Malone left the team. A great deal of the Jazz’s success can be attributed to Stockton and Malone. They made the NBA finals in both their ’96-’97 and ’97-’98 seasons. Unfortunately, both times they were defeated by the Chicago Bulls.

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Season Preview: Atlanta Hawks

October 15, 2009

atlanta hawks 1

The Atlanta Hawks have a rich history with the NBA and the NBL. In 1946, as a member of the National Basketball League, the franchise began. However, at this point in time they were known as the Buffalo Bisons. This name only lasted a short while; it was changed to the Tri-Cities Blackhawks within their first season. The franchise has continued with the ornithological naming scheme ever since. In 1951 they became the Milwaukee Hawks. In 1955 they moved to St. Louis. It seems that the Hawks attempted to emulate their mascot with such frequent migrations, and they found their home in 1968 when they were relocated to Atlanta.

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Season Preview: Charlotte Bobcats

October 8, 2009


The Charlotte Bobcats have a short history, dating back to 2004. The Bobcats are an expansion team that replaced Charlotte’s old team, the Charlotte Hornets, when they left for New Orleans. What the Bobcats may lack in experience is more than made up for by the experience of their owners, such as Michael Jordan and Nelly. You know the Bobcats must be special based on their notable owners.

Even though North Carolina did not have access to our Inside The Name series, it seems that they followed our guidlines quite well, having both a basketball team and a football team named after ferocious felines.

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Season Preview: New York Knicks

October 4, 2009

new york knicks

The New York Knickerbockers have a rich history, dating all the way back to the Basketball Association of America, of which they were a founding member. The name Knickerbockers describes baggy trousers that were popular in the early twentieth century. In 1946 they joined the NBA and are now considered to be the most valuable team in the league, worth $608 million. Based on their position in our season preview, I can only imagine that they are not expected to have a great season.

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