The Learning Curve

February 15, 2010

Its hard to pity millionaires. It’s really hard. They have access to all the pretty things in life. Yet, I have a tremendous amount of sympathy for Mike D’Antoni.

He has essentially gone from driving a Ferrari to driving a beat up Ford Taurus, yet he is still expected to accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. He may be a talented coach who has revitalized the concept of a high paced offense winning at a major level, but he isn’t a miracle worker. Read the rest of this entry »


Champ’s Power Rankings: Week One

November 3, 2009

The 2009-2010 season has been one of immense scoring, and tremendous excitement.

bos1. Boston Celtics: I am no fool. The Celtics are legit, at this point in time the C’s are  the best team in the league. Their offense is clicking, Rasheed Wallace looks more like a contestant for the All Star Weekend NBA 3 Point Contest, rather than the Sixth Man of the Year. Rondo got his extension, a safe move to protect young talent on an aging team. Things are working out in Boston, and as of week one, no team can touch them.


2. Orlando Magic: Just ask The Octagon, the Magic are very potent. The depth of this Magic Team is simply incredible. Their scoring recalls the glory days of the Phoenix Suns under Mike D’Antoni. Just think with J.J. (Get me a record deal!) Reddick scoring 27 points in the absence of Vince Carter, as well as Rashard Lewis’ suspension and Pietrus’ injury the Orlando Magic offense firing on all cylinders is truly scary.


3. Los Angeles Lakers: I can’t bring myself to rank the Lakers any lower than third, they are: 1. still the best team substantially in the Western Conference 2. temporarily lacking the frontcourt depth that Pau Gasol brings and 3. they are the Los Angeles Lakers, the same Lakers that have won 15 NBA titles, brought in guys like Gasol and Ron Artest, and will continue to do anything to win Kobe another ring.

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Seven Seconds or Less

August 29, 2009

nash 1

The mantra of “Seven Seconds or Less” truly manifested itself in 2004 when the Phoenix Suns acquired pout guard Steve Nash from the Dallas Mavericks. That season, after the team was bought by a San Diego investment group during the offseason, marked the Suns return to the NBA’s elite. Not since the Charles Barkley era had the Suns won 62 games in the regular season. Clearly freewheeling Italian head coach Mike D’Antoni was on to something in Phoenix. He finally had the players to achieve his dreams of running one of the most sophisticated offensive systems in NBA history; for that, D’Antoni was named coach of the year in 2004.

So what do hoops aficionados mean when they cry “seven seconds or less?”

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Lightning Strikes Twice

August 13, 2009


So this is what a star looks like before it collapses on itself and in turn explodes into a blazing surge of vehemence and heat. The Phoenix Suns were at one point in time the most exciting and feared team in the Association, able to routinely cross the triple-digit threshold while playing laughable defense. All of their prolific play responsible largely due to the pairing of Mike D’Antoni and Steve Nash that immediately turned the Suns from an apathetic team with individually exciting players into an immediate championship contending juggernaut who laid teams to waste when they crossed paths. Read the rest of this entry »

The Defiance of a Warrior

August 6, 2009


I’m not quite sure what to think about Nate Robinson and his high-flying dunk act set in the center of New York City. Sure, his eternal struggle to prove his worth and ability is a nightly epic played out on the greatest basketball stage in the world 41 nights a year, but it is just an everlasting reminder of what could have been had some higher-ups had wised up and given the good fans of the Association what they deserved.

Robinson’s basketball dexterity was prominently displayed on a national stage while a member of the Washington Huskies alongside fellow future professional stud Brandon Roy. Starring not only on the hardcourt, Robinson was a significant player for the Washington Huskies’ football program, making a key interception against the Washington State Cougars. His dearth of height garnered Nate national acceptance and praise for his leaping ability and unexpected awesomeness as a surprising combo guard. Read the rest of this entry »

The Draft

June 25, 2009


The annual NBA draft is already upon us and we are nowhere near ready to fully comprehend the magnitude of greatness or stupidity that each of the teams will achieve Thursday night. Every year, teams will pick out a player among the hundreds available to either lay the foundation for their franchise, or to sew up any loose ends. Often, however, they will make a critical mistake that could cost them in the long run and be mocked nationally on radio shows. You could draft the next Michael Jordan, or the next Chris Mihm.

So, with the first pick, whom do the Los Angeles Clippers choose to be their favorite disappointment? Read the rest of this entry »

The Canadian Flash

June 22, 2009


Steve Nash may just be my favorite player in the entire Association. He is the greatest Canadian export since Celine Dion. The way he goes about playing the game of basketball is not only pleasing to the eyes, its also pleasing to statisticians and basketball purists. A modern day Bob Cousy, Nash glides around the court with ease and has all the tools necessary for him to be one of the greatest point guards of all time.

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