August 22, 2011

Dear Paints in the Point readers,

We haven’t published any new posts in quite some time now. You probably know what this means. Read the rest of this entry »


Just Say No!

April 20, 2010

If there was a Hall of Fame for random things that are just generally awesome, this would be a first ballot inductee.

Where Defense Happens

January 5, 2010

After watching this, I’m convinced that I’m On A Boat needs to be remade with Stan Van Gundy replacing T-Pain as soon as possible.

Paints in the Point Thanksgiving: Podcast Episode 11

December 11, 2009

WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST WITH HEADPHONES to fully take advantage of the stereophonic multi-channel sound mixing. In this very special episode (edited down from about six hours of material), the six regular Paints Dudes (including The Freelancer, live from California via Skype), The Oracle, and The Scott gather for the Paints in the Points Thanksgiving Podcast. They discuss the “retirement” of Allen Iverson, the biggest “scrub” in the NBA, and in the largest Wildcard Time ever recorded (Bri-Phi guest stars), they ask questions about Alex Trebek, Lumberjacks, robots, beards, and competitive eating. A double dose of Champ’s Story Time talks about pickup basketball and a review game of epic proportions, with bonus material following the conclusion of the podcast.

Stan Van Jeremy

November 29, 2009

Stan Van Gundy has sex hair, which I guess is fitting considering his resemblence to Ron Jeremy.

Paints in the Point Podcast: Episode 10

November 28, 2009

In the tenth Paints in the Point Podcast, The Champ, The Custodian, and The Franchise discuss Allen Iverson, Chris Paul, and Dream Finals Matchups. The Octagon joins in the Wildcard Time fun, as he and The Freelancer guest star.

It’s Thanksgiving Dwight Howard!

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Dwight Howard and all of us here at Paints in the Point.