We like basketball. We like to write. Therefore, by the transitive property, we like to write about basketball.

But, who are “we?” The Paints Dudes, of course! The Paints in the Point blogging staff consists of six members:

The Champ loves Kenny Lofton almost at an unhealthy level of enthusiasm. A skilled musician (a “Paints in the Point” theme song is in the works), The Champ can play the melodica and the piano with great aplomb excitement. The Champ is, well, a self-proclaimed Champ at Storm Stopper, the arcade game in which the player must time the press of a button in order to win the jackpot, numbering at least 100 tickets. The Champ will report the happenings of Cleveland, Sacramento, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Washington in the 2009-2010 NBA season.
→ Contact The Champ here ←

The Custodian accounts for more blog posts than the other five contributors combined, which is only a hint of how much a basketball fan The Custodian is. It is easily The Custodian’s favorite sport, and by “it,” we mean writing. Writing about basketball is nothing short of a dream come true. During the upcoming 2009-2010 season, The Custodian will focus on Phoenix, Golden State, Memphis, Chicago, and San Antonio, but will, more likely than not, expound upon other basketball-related topics.
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The Franchise has the strength of four grown oxen and the basketball prowess of thirteen cougars that had been trained by Michael Jordan to play basketball. Owner of the court in which many a basketball game has been played, The Franchise will write about New Jersey, Minnesota, Houston, Boston, and Miami in the 2009-2010 NBA season when not being awesome at basketball and life.
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The Freelancer is not this type of Freelancer, but one of the writing variety. The newest Paints Dude coordinated the technical aspects of the website, from tags to Twitter to e-mail to CafePress. As Paints in the Point’s official West Coast correspondent, The Freelancer will cover the Los Angeles Lakers, the Los Angeles Clippers, Detroit, Toronto, and Denver in the 2009-2010 NBA season.
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The Ivy Leaguer is the resident graphic designer, creating designs for T-shirts and other official Paints Gear, as well as the logo emblazoned upon each and every page of “Paints in the Point.” For the upcoming 2009-2010 NBA season, The Ivy Leaguer will cover Charlotte, New York, Milwaukee, Utah, and Atlanta as Paints in the Point’s official Northeast correspondent.
→ Contact The Ivy Leaguer here ←

The Octagon is our resident hipster snob and also contributes to the music blog “Sun on the Sand,” in addition to “Paints in the Point.” In addition to his blogging duties, the Octagon is a founding member of the Gangsta Police. The Octagon claims to not be a fan of any specific NBA team, but plans to spend the upcoming season figuring it out. Oklahoma City, Indiana, New Orleans, Portland, and Orlando will be the teams The Octagon will thoroughly write about in the 2009-2010 season, in between listening to songs by Radiohead and A Tribe Called Quest.
→ Contact The Octagon here ←

Jack Black explains “The Octagon:”


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