When They Were President: One Liners

Baron Davis would certainly have a great presidency.

A recap and an extension of the one liners presented in the 18th Paints in the Point podcast.

1. When Derrick Rose was President…

…there would be a certain end to standardized testing in American public schools.

2. When Vince Carter was President…

…there would be a hospital built insuring care to “victims” trying to imitate the Vince Carter dunk.

3. When Stan Van Gundy/Baron Davis were President…

…there would be facial hair back into the White House…and maybe then Castro would be stopped.

4. When Nate Robinson was President…

…amusement parks would easen up on roller coaster height restrictions.

5. When Mo Williams was President…

…”In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins would become the National Anthem so it could be played in it’s entirety before basketball games.

6. When Kobe Bryant was President…

…All American students would experience a worldly education and all legal disputes would end in an out of court settlement.

7. When Zydrunas Ilgauskas was President…

…*Currently not applicable under United States legislation*

8. When LeBron James was President…

…(insert King or monarchy joke here)

9. When Lamar Odom was President…

…It would be socially acceptable for a grown man to spend quality time in a children’s candy store. Also, the White House would be “totally” renovated by the most contraversial first lady in modern history.

10. When Dwight Howard was President…

…Kids and Illigetimate Kids would eat free every Tuesday and Thursday at Denny’s.


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