Paints in the Point All-Star Podcast: Episode 20

In a very special All-Star edition of the Paints in the Podcast, The Champ, The Custodian, and The Franchise discuss why they like All-Star Weekend, watching basketball games in front of too many people, Team USA in upcoming years, The Custodian’s “Little Things All-Stars,” the Paints Dudes’ midseason awards, durability of NBA players, who will win the various competitions of All-Star Weekend, and then The Franchise plays “Figure It Out,” a new segment where someone attempts to guess a word surreptitiously dropped into the conversation by the other Paints Dudes. Further discussion topics include who will win laser tag, which All-Star best represents each Paints Dude, and ranking the East and West’s playoff seeds. The Freelancer guest stars in Wildcard Time, where the Paints Dudes discuss Super Bowl commercials, how The Champ should improve his game, and why there aren’t any references to ****** ***** left in the final cut of the podcast. Champ’s Story Time tells the tale of the one time Champ raised his hand in class. A double dose of bonus material follows the conclusion of the podcast.


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