Land of the Lost


There was a time in the history of the Association when the name T-Mac shot fear through the hearts of his opponents. A phenomenal athlete with a deadly sharp 3-point shot that could make even the most stellar of defenders look more awkward than an 8th grade dance, Tracy McGrady was considered a top 5 player and on the verge of superstardom.Now, an aging baller with back spasms who is struggling to play 60 games a season, McGrady has lost his way in the Association. His current team, the Rockets, advanced further into the playoffs without him than at any point with him leading the fast break. Gone are the days of Tracy bouncing the rock off the backboard to himself for the monster jam. In are the days of Tracy wearing business suits and cheering on his teammates.

Aside from the terrific advertisement for possibly the greatest film since Space Jam, Land of the Lost illustrates the uncomfortable predicament that T-Mac finds himself in. How does the Houston organization handle him going forward? He still has buckets of talent for putting the ball in the basket, but something in his basketball DNA doesn’t allow his teams to win.

His stats are nowhere near horrific, but they are nowhere near his once great level of play. Still relatively a young man, McGrady can revive his career and assist his team into a deep playoff run.


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