Observations on the Milwaukee/Oklahoma City Game

Jefferson out, Jennings in

We have never seen a Thunder game, We never seen a Jennings era Bucks game, we have never been so excited.

The Champ is here (of course), The Franchise is here, and The Custodian is not, nah just kidding he’s here. And so is the Octagon, whose presence is never in question.

We feel bad for Sonics fans, the Franchise loves the old uniforms.

24 March 2008: Brandon Jennings waves to the crowd during the 2008 McDonaldÕs All American High School Basketball Game's Jam Fest held Monday night at the US Cellular Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

 Durant! Monster Dunk! we love it.

The Thunder play some interesting music in their arena, cue Lady Gaga we guess.

Oklahoma City leads 16-9 this is a good one.

So the guy who has gone 46 hours without sleep has left, he is not a Paints Dude and never will be.

The Franchise thought Jennings was from Compton.

Look at Kevin Durant. Just look at him.

The Champ and The Octagon discuss Bob Dylan.

James Harden throws it down with force.

Lets go Brandon Jennings, the Champ wants to see a scoring duel.

Durant's got 13.

 “I love that we get to watch these young players, thats what the game is about” – The Franchise

We are all Thankful for NBA Friday. The Octagon wants some Chinese and Pizza Rolls.

The Oracle is on his computer, who’s the Oracle check out the 11th Episode of the Paints in the Point Podcast, oh wait it won’t be edited for a long time.

The Octagon thinks Brandon Jennings is really cool.

“I think they’re gonna start having to defend Kevin Durant” – The Franchise

RUMBLE the bison has no mileage. hes fresh.

The Franchise openly weeps for his missing of the Duke/UConn game.

The Champ feels that it has been an underwhelming year in college football.

The Octagon is still talking about mileage. yep.

buy my records, or don't

The Octagon and The Franchise want to be Renaissance Men. Jeff Green, what a dunk.

The Octagon’s shallowness has been interrupted by Durant’s greatness.

The Champ admires the great Christmas decorations in his home.

The Custodian woke up at 7:00, we don’t know why.

The Champ would not call Ty Lawson a surprise.

Thabo airballs.

Some dude just yelled.

The Malice in the Palace is the Zapruder film of the NBA.

The Bucks haven’t scored this quarter.

When Thabo dunks on you, you know your defense has failed.

Goaltending? ah, man that was close.

Brandon Jennings has been somewhat disappointing.

The Franchise is leaving. The Octagon is disappointed, The Custodian is leaving too. And so is the Oracle.

kd's got a wetsuit.

Maybe Jennings lack of offense can be attributed to Westbrook’s defense.

The Octagon really enjoys Shawn Kemp in his prime. He goes on to say “Kemp and Payton together would have been a perennial contender in the Western Conference if it wasn’t for cocaine, child support, and junk food.”

The Octagon is throroughly impressed by Carmelo’s 50 point game, although the Champ finds it sad that he’d never scored 50 before. The Octagon hopes that more people jump on the Carmelo bandwagon along with him and the Franchise.2

2nd airball for Thabo.

The Thunder have dominated. What a great bunch of young kids.

The Champ feels bad for the horribly defeated Brandon Jennings.

After a sentimental goodbye between The Octagon and The Champ, Paints in the Point concludes its coverage of Bucks/Thunder. 

The Future is bright for Paints in the Point.


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