Visit Miami-Wade County July 1-7

Miami-Wade County (highlighted)

Miami-Wade County (highlighted)

Hey Paints in the Point readers. I know it has been a long time since we last talked. I’m currently in South Africa volunteering for the FIFA World Cup (where no one cares about the NBA Finals, nor is it broadcast on TV, especially with the World Cup action — or lack thereof), but that doesn’t mean I’m not trying to keep up with sporting news from the States.

In a fairly desperate attempt to keep 2010 free agent Dwyne Wade in Miami, Miami-Dade County Commissioners voted unanimously to rename the county to “Miami-Wade County” for the first week of the NBA free agency period. The declaration states that they are doing so “in recognition of all that Dwyane Wade has done for the visibility, stature and national image” of Miami-Dade.

No word yet if the following county name changes will be executed to entice Cleveland Cavaliers free agent LeBron James in the near future:

  • Cuyahoga County » Kingahoga County
  • Lorain County » LeBrain County or LeBorain County
  • Lake County » LaKing County
  • Brown County » Bron County
  • Darke County » DaKing County
  • …and probably what will become The Champ’s favorite: Wayne County » LeBron Waynes County

There are also three counties in Ohio that are already perfect to entice LeBron to stay: hocKING County, licKING County, and musKINGum County.

That’s it from South Africa for now, but if you want to stay apprised of my whereabouts, feel free to visit my travel blog!


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