Live Blogging the Christmas Quintuple-Header

Editor’s Note: This was a live blog. As the afternoon progressed, this post was periodically updated with reactions from the quintuple-header (not a “pentuple-header” as incorrectly reported in Podcast #14)

12:00 PM: Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” kicks off the action, accompanied by ridiculous clips of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Dwyane Wade shaking (obviously empty) wrapped presents, replete with equally ridiculous Santa hats. I have a feeling that I will get sick of this song by the end of the first quarter. Hopefully I’ll be able to dig up a YouTube link in case you haven’t seen it yet.

12:02 PM: Fun stat: Dwyane Wade has played in five Christmas Day (and/or Taiwanese Constitution Day) games over the past seven seasons.

12:06 PM: Dwyane Wade warms up by doing pull ups on the rim of the basket. No big deal.

12:08 PM: Tip-off. The Knicks win the tip, sporting green jerseys that look awful.

12:15 PM: Now, those are three words you don’t hear that often in the same sentence: “Knicks,” “winning,” and “streak.” Apparently, they have a five-game home winning streak, dating back to November 29.

12:19 PM: Apparently, this is called the “NBA Christmas Special.” As discussed in Podcast #14, when one-third of the teams in the league are playing on the same day.

12:20 PM: Throughout the day, I’m going to try and finish editing Podcast #14. We’ll see how successful that venture is.

12:22 PM: Worst promotional tie-in: “Percy Jackson and the Olympians Flashback.” Actually, in hindsight, it’s actually a decent tie-in, considering the Percy Jackson and his connection to lightning bolts or something. The movie is going to be terrible, I have no doubt about that. The other thing working against the movie is its full title: “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.” To try and shorten it, they substituted an ampersand for the “and” in the title, but nevertheless, the full title takes a ridiculous amount of screen space. In October or November, there was a big publicity push with teaser posters in Los Angeles (and I presume elsewhere in the country) with some idiot kid wielding a lightning bolt:

I don't understand what demographic this film is targeting.

12:33 PM: End of first quarter. Knicks up 23-21. More “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” My patience is already wearing thin.

12:43 PM: So, I found what Mariah Carey shot for the promos that they have been showing all day. Sure, they don’t have the ridiculous Santa hats, but when you have Mariah Carey, does it really matter?

2:07 PM: I kinda fell asleep watching the Knicks-Heat game. Right now there’s about eight minutes left, with Miami up, 74-61. Wade has 20 points, Beasley has 19 points.

5:15 PM: It doesn’t hold my attention for long, as I fall asleep yet again (Final score: Miami wins, 93-87). Much to my chagrin, I wake up right now, only to see that I have missed most of the Boston Celtics-Orlando Magic game. Boston’s up 82-75 with less than a minute to go. Garnett took a hard tumble and is sitting out currently. Report: Doctors decided not to put Garnett back in. Uh oh.

5:20 PM: Final score: Celtics win, 86-77.

5:25 PM: The Lakers win the tip. Initially, the ESPN coverage uses a weird boom camera to cover the action, but thankfully switches to the more traditional stationary camera.

5:27 PM: Shaq makes the first points of the game with a dunk.

5:29 PM: Z checks in and Shaq stays in. I imagine a very slow game over the next few possessions, at least on the Cavaliers side. Z gets the ball, doesn’t realize that the shot clock was at three and bricks a shot.

6:05 PM: I return from Christmas dinner to find Lakers fans booing. The reason? Cavs are up 19 now, 44-25. Also, it didn’t help that Moon just dunked on the Lakers.

6:20 PM: Kobe taking free throws. “M-V-P! M-V-P!” chants the crowd.

6:22 PM: Derek Fisher draws an off-the-ball charge call on LeBron, which energizes the crowd. Side note: it was a terrible call.

6:24 PM: Crowd is really getting into it, Lakers cut Cavaliers lead to 11.

6:25 PM: Lakers get the last shot, but Kobe drives and draws the foul.


6:27 PM: …except it was a millisecond too late. It’s been disallowed. Lakers down by nine at the half. More Mariah Carey.

6:47 PM: Puppet introduces highlight clip. The more I see of these puppets, the less I like them. Guess what song plays during the highlights? You guessed it, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

6:59 PM: After a non-call on a Bryant shot and a blocking foul on Fisher, a technical foul is called. Initially thought to be on Bryant (he slammed the ball down after the foul called on Fisher), apparently the T is on Fisher.

7:04 PM: Mo Williams is hurt after being knocked into by Kobe. Uh oh.

7:08 PM: Shaq pads his stats by dunking a near-certain LeBron three.

7:48 PM: Ron Artest fouls out. Cleveland up by sixteen with five minutes to go.

7:53 PM: Fans are now throwing stuff on the court. Los Angeles fans are some of the worst fans out there – I’m from L.A., I should know.

8:06 PM: Last minute of the game, and the Cavs have maintained dominance, leading by 15.

8:07 PM: The fans boo. On Christmas. Big surprise. Laker fans are terrible, terrible people. Final Score: Cleveland wins, 102-87.

8:11 PM: I can’t stand to watch Clippers-Suns. I may or may not return for Nuggets-Trail Blazers.

Final Scores: Phoenix dominates, 124-93. Portland wins 107-96.


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