Moving On

Well, I don’t think that is how it was intended to happen. The Mavericks and the Blazers are officially sent home and the Suns and Spurs get to match up in the Conference Semifinals.

And everyone is critiquing Dirk for his lapse in judgement on his third and fourth fouls, and the third one is well deserved. However, am I the only one who sees George Hill grab his arm and hold him on the fourth foul, drawing the whistle. I’m not saying it wasn’t a smart play, because it was on Hill’s part, however its not “legal”. Yet, Dirk is ridiculed for that call. He was playing aggressive when his team looked to be on the brink of an old fashioned beating. Then Hill pulls a veteran move and now Dirk is the idiot.

Should he have let Hill drive? Probably. He didn’t have to play so aggressive, but that call is more a result of the referee not seeing what all went on. He saw Dirk’s arm apparently prevent Hill from driving and he made the call. Not his fault either, that’s what he is supposed to do. But to claim that Nowitzki is completely at fault is ludicrous. If anything, the Mavs lost because Kidd and Terry provided no offensive help and Carlisle was reluctant to put Beaubois in during the series.


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