The Dynamic Duo


When comparing dynamic twosomes in the Association, it all comes back to Pippen and Jordan. They are obviously the Batman and Robin of their era, but that raises an interesting query, what does that make everybody else? All of their competitors and teammates must fit somewhere in this superhero spectrum.

Phil Jackson: Alfred the Butler.

Wise and always dishing out advice to the hero, Jackson guided his Airness and Scottie to 6 Finals victories.

Dennis Rodman: Catwoman.

Like the feline hero/villain, Rodman used to battle Jordan with the Pistons, but later became an ally, enabling a second three-peat. Also, Rodman is very comfortable in women’s clothing.

Dean Smith: Lucius Fox.

Jordan’s college coach at North Carolina, Smith helped Jordan acquire many of the capabilities he would utilize later to become the greatest of all time.

Karl Malone: Mr. Freeze.

The Bulls’ enemy in two straight NBA Finals, Malone led the Utah Jazz while they battled Chicago for basketball supremacy. Hailing from chilly Salt Lake, the large Mailman embodies the role now made infamous by the Governator.

Clyde Drexler: Batzarro.

Cloned from the Dark Knight, Batzarro displayed many of the same techniques and skills as the Caped Crusader, but could never defeat him. Similarly, Drexler drove to the basket and glided trough the air like Jordan, but could not defeat him when they met in the 1992 Finals.

John Starks: The Riddler.

Never really a serious threat, Starks posed many problems for Jordan and the Bulls during the early 90’s. Directly challenging Jordan, Starks helped Patrick Ewing battle Chicago for epic series in the playoffs.

Isaiah Thomas: The Penguin.

Short and a curmudgeon on the court, Thomas was the roadblock that the Bulls could not conquer in the late 80’s. Thrice the Pistons thwarted them before finally overcoming them on their way to the first of three straight championships.

Magic Johnson: The Joker.

Jordan’s most competent competitor, Magic battled him in the 1991 Finals before Mike could finally attain his ultimate goal. With that smile that extends from ear to ear, Magic brought chaos to opposing teams on the fast-break with his crafty passing and decision making.

Charles Barkley: Two-Face.

A close friend of Jordan, Barkley would battle him and the Bulls for the rights to be called champion in the 1993 season. Like his cartoonish counterpart, Barkley has the capacity to blow a fuse and explode on some poor referee if he disagrees with a call.


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