With the Cleveland Cavalier’s acquisition of perennial all-star Shaquille O’Neal to contest against other notable big men in the Eastern Conference (cough, *Dwight Howard* cough) there are still questions regarding the Cavs chances to contend against taller teams.

There are the obvious similarities between the two big men superstars, drafted by the Orlando Magic, led the team to prominence, colorful personalities, the list goes on and on…

But Big Aristotle hasn’t exactly leant out the helping hand of knowledge to the new Superman. Shaq has been quoted calling Howard an “impostor” and has said that he has “done everything that he (Howard) has done before.”

But now with Shaq in his late thirties is there a chance that a new dominant big man may arise in the league.

Here’s how I (The Champ) see it.

zoolander hansel

Shaq is Derek Zoolander, while Dwight Howard is Hansel.

Howard might be the new face of the center position but O’Neal will always remain legendary.


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