National Geographic’s Expedition Week Live Blog: Great White: Face to Face

(Editor’s Note: The original title of this post was “Paints in the Point Exclusive: National Geographic’s Expedition Week Live Blog: Great White: Face to Face a Multimedia Extravaganza featuring The Champ and The Franchise as Master Anglers and Commanders of the Seas,” but was shortened to enhance usability of the website.)

On the National Geogaphic Channel, Expedition Week happens but once a year. To celebrate this we at Paints in the Point have decided to Live Blog the special Great White: Face to Face. Who knows, there may be some basketball references along with our classic Paints in the Point hilarity.

“SHAARK!!” – The Franchise

“Why do they need that huge finishing boat to protect them from these sharks?” – The Franchise

“The Champ is a master of the seas” – The Franchise, well we will see about that.

“Man they got big teeth” – The Champ

“Look how big that hook is!” – The Franchise

Look! its Ron Artest

29′ 30” 66O7E4D71894

22′ 11” 590D83WFXDXI

11′ 67” RJ0UCQ146SB1

8′ 80” M1Z3O44Q6QF1


5′ 34” FO94CX7D97Y1

The Ship’s crew reels in the Shark to tag it.

dulce et decorum est pro patria mori

ha, the guy on tv said “sex,” The Franchise giggles.

"Making the decision to have a child-it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." Elizabeth Stone

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the Ivy Leaguer, our Graphic Designer, made us this Larry Bird effigy, unfortunately his basketball IQ is a little off.

Below the Franchise describes his fishing trip:

Had a limited amount of time to fish this afternoon but I wanted another Red Drum to bring my season total to 25.  I ended up with two more for 26.  I also hooked and fought for a minute or so an absolutely hugh shark before he found a weak link(mono leader)!  Seeing over 7′ of twisting shark leave the water like a missile is truly jaw dropping!  If I had suspected a monster like that was still off the beach I probably would have put on the big multiplier not the smaller drum reel and a wire leader.  Ah well thats what I love about this sport and keeps me coming back for more.  Anyway the Reds were fantastic with the first going 45″ and approx 35Lbs and number 26 went 42″ and close to 30Lbs.

Thanks Franchise.

“How can they tell if its male or female that fast?” – The Franchise

“They just know” -The Champ

The Champ and The Franchise watched how Sharks reproduce… informative.

The Shark has a feeding tube.


“Shaaaarrrrkssss!” – The Franchise

…this is what happens when The Champ and The Franchise eat sugar.

"you touched her what?" Big Red has a baby.


"It's a party in the USA!"

The Shark Special has ended. Below for our loyal readers is the entire transcript of “Free Willy:”

(Editor’s Note: For copyright reasons, we cannot reproduce the entire transcript of Free Willy.)


2 Responses to National Geographic’s Expedition Week Live Blog: Great White: Face to Face

  1. The Custodian says:

    Leave Brady alone!

    Also, the transcript doesn’t have close to the impact as the movie, especially when the Michael Jackson song is playing as the overgrown dolphin leaps over the foolish boy.

  2. Rosie says:

    I miss you guys.

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