The Man’s Rebound

A Man's Rebound

Rebounding is an underappreciated skill in professional basketball. Defensive rebounding signals the beginning of the next offensive possesion, the end of a well-executed defensive stop, and another ability to score. Offensive rebounding keeps the play alive, resets the shot clock, and allows the offense to reset. Rebounding is a fantastical skill, a phenomenon of muscle and vigor, but how important is rebounding to successful basketball? How much credit should statisticians award players for simply letting a ball fall into their lap?

Thus, we propose the nativity of a new stat; The Man’s Rebound. Although the idea is still wallowing in infancy, a Man’s Rebound could go a long way toward establishing the defensive prowess of certain players while relegating others to their respective perch on the defensive totem pole.

A Man’s Rebound is somewhat of an anomaly in the NBA. The staff of Paints in the Point is doing some soul searching to clairify the status of the Man’s Rebound. The goal of this article is to delineate the true identity of a Man’s Rebound. LeBron James sailing toward the basket and plucking the ball out of the sky between Dwight Howard and Rashard Lewis is an example of a grown man’s rebound. LeBron not only stole the rebound from the taller forward Lewis, he robbed the NBA’s leading rebounder of a chance at adding another tally to the stat sheet. Howard was the defensive player of the year; that is a man’s rebound. When Rajon Rondo grabs a rebound off a three-point miss by Ray Allen, he isn’t working for a man’s rebound. Getting a man’s rebound takes effort and strength. Effort and strength personified by the play of Olympians LeBron James and Dwight Howard.


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