Way to Go: Kevin Martin

Grizzlies Kings Basketball

Wow. All I can say is wow.

I have always known that Kevin Martin was a superior player, especially on offense. But I never expected K-Mart to put up these numbers, let alone in the third game of the season.

48 Pts. 5 Rebounds. 4 Assists. 4 Steals. 1 Block.

Stunning numbers, not only for my fantasy team, but for the league.

Yes I know it was against the Memphis Grizzlies but come the end of the season, in terms of pure scoring, I guarantee you Martin’s performance against them will be in the top three for 2009-2010.

I feel that there has been a overall inflation in scoring averages for the league this year, with players scoring more regularly in the thirties rather than the twenties.


he may be the only threat on the Kings, but he sure can score.

Just like Brandon Roy’s 52 point performance against the Suns last season, Martin’s performance last night gained attention. I hope Martin begins to earn some of the respect he deserves in this league. And if he continues to produce throughout the season, it is very plausible for Martin to receive an All-Star roster spot.


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