Destiny Colliding With Karma


The recent allegations by Allen Iverson that the Clippers have some interest better have some bite to the bark. The possible pairing of the aging superstar with the most pathetic franchise in all of sports is like ecstasy on steroids.

A backcourt of Allen Iverson and Baron Davis is an immediate contender for the most selfish guard duo in history. The guards for the Clippers would be a threat to chuck up at least 60 shots per game. That is just 40% of the starting lineup, not to mention the bench they could roll out.

Chris Kaman is the most boring player on the team, but not necessarily the worst player. He is more than capable of posting a 20-10 game every night. Marcus Camby is probably going to start the game on the bench even with his innate ability to disrupt shots and cause mayhem on the defensive side of the ball. The Clippers just traded beleaguered big man Zack Randolph to the Memphis Grizzlies (AI’s other interest) for the talented Quentin Richardson. Q is another player who likes to hoist up shots regardless of the game situation. They just drafted Eric Gordon last season, another small 2-guard that likes to take shots like a heroin addict. That is not even mentioning the #1 overall pick Blake Griffin, who needs to get his shots in the game in order to mature into the player LA hopes he can be. Oh yeah, they also employ one Ricky Davis who, while a supremely talented offensive player, doesn’t exactly fit the mold of a winning team player.

I’m not saying bringing in AI into the Clipper fold is a dumb move, but it would probably flunk every test it could take. The signing of Iverson, while it could sell tickets and unite forces that belong together, would hamper the growth of a terrible team that needs enough space to grow and better the team. But I am rooting for the Clippers to make the deal because I would love to watch that team attempt to coexist before self-destructing.


2 Responses to Destiny Colliding With Karma

  1. […] The alternatives are the Charlotte Bobcats, New York Knicks, Miami Heat, and Los Angeles Clippers. With Charlotte, Iverson will we reunited with former coach Larry Brown. In addition, he will likely force fellow veteran Raja Bell to the bench, leaving the defensive intentions of the Bobcats in question. The Knicks have unsettled positions at both the point and shooting guards, neither Chris Duhon nor Larry Hughes are “the future” of the Knicks. Hughes is a taller, less committed version of Iverson and Duhon really shouldn’t be a starting point guard. They are also involved in the Ramon Sessions situation. Why they just don’t immediately sign Sessions is perplexing. An athletic point guard who likes to run, score, and will pass seems like a perfect fit for D’Antoni’s system. Pat Riley is really high on the prospect of Allen Iverson, saying he would be a steal for whoever signs him. He is acting like a married man who sees an attractive woman and knows he can’t have her. The Clippers scenario has already been greatly exhausted (see here). […]

  2. […] Iverson – I have already delved into the whole Iverson saga, multiple times, so not much is needed here. What he brings is a scoring mentality with a never say die attitude […]

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