Brother Red Part III: The Departure

If you had pets, do you remember your parents detailing the virtues of taking your aging, and often failing, pets to the farm? This mysterious farm that had acres and acres of open fields filled with mice that your cats could play with or tennis balls your dogs could catch. You thought, “I don’t want to give up my beloved friend, but if (s)he is going to be happier, then who am I to stop this?” You let them go, comforted by the fact that your pet would be better off.

However, your pet died. They put your pet to death. You didn’t know it then, you may have not discovered it for a few years, but eventually, you found out your parents lied to you in order to not have you feel absolutely terrible about the finality of life. That, in a nutshell, is sort of how I feel about Delonte West’s trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Champ kept asking if I was happy that Brother Red and Michael Beasley were finally to be teamed together, forming a black hole in the northern part of the United States. I guess, in this case, Michael Beasley is the farm. Sure, that is nice, but I have no illusions that Delonte will simply just be cut from Minnesota. That is why teams would be interested in him, because he is a nice and neat salary dump.

That doesn’t take away from the present, I wouldn’t say sadness, but uncomfortable feeling that something is missing. Delonte has been so great to experience. Not just watch, but truly experience. His in-game tactics were fun, if not rare. However, it was his off-the-court antics that were enthralling. He was the class-clown of the locker room. He was the guy that provided the laughter. He was also the guy who may have destroyed the Cavaliers’ season (not just his gun charge, but his alleged affair with LeBron’s mom).

Seriously, how many guys can ride a motorcycle with a guitar case loaded with assault weapons strapped across his back, and it still is the second most shocking gun charge in the league? This guy will play with a sock, if need be.

I know I will miss Delonte, even if he does play with another team this year. It wont be the same. You can’t replace a beloved pet. And you certainly can’t replace a Delonte West.


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