I Told You So

Derek Fisher keeps his wife in check: "get under that rope!" (Image courtesy: Wally Skalij / L.A. Times)

I told you so. You don’t remember? From my season preview of the Los Angeles Lakers that Paints in the Point did before the beginning of the season:

This past season, the Lakers won its fifteenth NBA title, defeating the Orlando Magic in five games. Will the Lakers successfully defend their championship this season? Many experts seem to think so, and I’m inclined to agree. The Lakers have only gotten better, and will advance to the Finals, unless something terrible happens, like a meteor colliding with the Staples Center or something like that.

A meteor didn’t collide with the Staples Center this year (though it might have caused less damage than the riots that ensued in Los Angeles after the Lakers won — read on), and subsequently, the Lakers won another title, their sixteenth.

I reiterated my thoughts that the Lakers would win the NBA Finals in Paints in the Point’s “Season Preview” of the Final Standings, not only picking the Lakers to win, but the only Paints Dude to also to have their opponent correct, the Boston Celtics. (Sidebar: A future post will summarize the predictions we made at the beginning of the season, as well as declare one Paints Dude the best for this season.)

This is not to say that I enjoy the Lakers winning the title. I don’t. I hate the Lakers (as does any person who is remotely sane). They’re the Yankees of basketball, and speaking from the perspective of someone who has to deal with their fans (as you may or may not recall, I live in Los Angeles nine months of the year), their fans are almost as hated as their team, as they demonstrated last night. And it wasn’t just this year that fans have rioted. They’ve done it twice in recent memory: last year and in 2000.

People who only support a team because they win a lot are usually the kind of people I like to avoid. Coincidentally, these type of fans can be found in all areas of the world because the most successful teams are usually in the largest markets.

As this season draws to a close and the next one is about to begin, there’s a lot to look forward to: Paints in the Point (of course!), the outcomes of the 2010 free agency cha-cha slide, and a newfound hope that the Lakers don’t win a third straight title, if only because of the reaction of their fans (as well as the fact that I might be spending the summer in Los Angeles next year, and I don’t want to have to deal with Laker fans).


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