We Begin Anew


The NBA schedules were released today and were received with much joyous reception for those residing in the cities of Los Angeles, Cleveland, and Boston. They of course are vying for the most exposure on national television from ABC and ESPN to TNT and NBATV. For full list, see here.

The season opens up with the Cleveland Cavaliers hosting the Boston Celtics, a rematch from last year’s opening game where the Celtics were given their rings during the opening ceremony. This matchup of Eastern Conference heavyweights will be much festooned before the opening tip with KG coming back from a threatening injury and Shaq finally dressing in Cavalier gear.

There are also other highly touted matchups throughout the year including the Christmas matchups of Boston vs. Orlando and the Lakers vs. Cleveland. These ratings drawing matchups will distract from the feverish unwrapping of gifts by families by the tree.

With all of the new and exciting matchups, the most remarkable thing is that the NBA has retained nearly all of the storylines from last year. The contenders are still contenders and the rest of the NBA will likely remain steady from last year. New talent has flown into the NBA nest, making teams like the Thunder and Clippers more appealing to national television audiences. Other than that, it seems that the NBA has remained nearly the same since last summer.



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