Ready My Bags

So, the Wizards? This doesn’t muddy the picture but it doesn’t clarify it. John Wall has to be the pick, which has been the case since before he declared his intentions to go to Kentucky.

But that guy, what is his name? Oh yeah, Gilbert Arenas. What exactly happens to him now? Wall is a point guard and will be one. Gilbert imagines himself to be a point guard when he really is a combo guard that plays like a 2 and not a 1. Gilbert shoots, and to his credit he usually shoots well, and he can distribute.

Do Ted Leonsis and the Wizards keep Arenas on? As the Franchise pondered, can they even get rid of him? They tried desperately last season and who knows how many other times before and are still stuck with the now convicted felon. He isn’t a bad guy, or so we all believed before his “practical joke” on a teammate.

The worry has to be he corrupts Wall, or any other young player they bring in. He could hinder his development. He could do many bad things. Or maybe not.

Maybe Gil will turn it around, be a good teammate, share the ball on this team that isn’t anywhere near good. Maybe all this punishment and ridicule has given Arenas some form of an awakening. They could form the same type of relationship that Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry had in Golden State, only without the Old West attitude on shooting and more focus on operating within a strict system.

The Wizards’ season was wrecked by Gil last year. That is his legacy thus far. Now Wall may be expected to go in there and make people forget about 2009-10 and perhaps a little before. This team was blown up this season, Haywood, Butler, and Jamison all gone (Stevenson also gone, but not important). In are a bunch of players who haven’t proven much other than playing beside Nowitzki (Howard) or being young and immature (Blatche).

They have to take Wall. They must, if not by logic then by fate. Or maybe they would trade down, maybe with New Jersey for their pick (3rd) and multiple future picks and players (Devin Harris, does anyone want Devin Harris?). But you don’t trade down in the NBA draft when contracts for rookies are manageable and the disparity between top picks can sometimes be embarrassing. Unless they are really sold on Favors/Turner/Cousins/Johnson, you must go with consensus.

I may have found my new favorite team for next year, also the team that will be my franchise on NBA Live 2011. Its exciting stuff.


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