Paints in the Point Exclusive Coverage: LeBron’s MVP Ceremony

Ladies and Gentlemen, when it came time for LeBron James to accept his second MVP award, had exclusive coverage.

10:00 AM The Champ awakens to face a day of tremendous possibilities, poptarts and gatorade serve as a great breakfast.

11:00 AM The Champ, with some friends from the University of Akron, depart their dorm and arrive at the James A. Rhodes arena on the campus of the University of Akron.

11:15 AM The Champ is bored.

fastforward three hours…

2:15 PM The Champ eagerly awaits as the lines begin to form, the Champ also spots The Franchise who came to spectate for he had studying/a banquet to attend.

3:00 PM The gates open and after running, shoving and elbowing, Champ and company get nice second row seats.

4:00 PM When it was supposed to start, right.

4:10 PM A Danny Ferry sighting, The Champ hadn’t seen him since he almost ran over the Custodian on a bike at the LeBron James Bike A Thon

4:20 The team then files in…

The Incomparible Delonte West

Delonte, Shaq, and Danny Green

4:23 PM: The Greatest Moment of The Champ’s life.

I decided to yell out to one of my favorite cavaliers, Danny Green for I figured the rookie might be most likely to give any feedback. So while the rest of my section was standing i yelled as loud as i could (which is pretty loud) DANNY GREEN! and sure enough Danny Green looked back at me, smiled and flashed me the peace sign.

and! if that wasn’t enough DELONTE WEST turned around to look and blew me a kiss, while videotaping the whole event.

i’d like to think that someday when delonte watches the event on his camera, he will see the Champ reppin paints in the point.

4:30 PM: The King arrives.

"i'm just a kid from Akron"

In short, the ceremony was incredible, and if anything The Champ got to see Usher. Definetly worth the five hour wait.

while the franchise could tell you more about this from what i understand this is a $500,000 Maybach. driven away by the King.


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