Shaqtastic New Words, 2009

Every year, the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary, Eleventh Edition has some new words added to it, based on if words meet criteria for inclusion. Shaq played against Jimmy Kimmel last night in Scrabble on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and Shaq made the case for the following new words:

  • giro (GUY-roh)
    “This is for all the people that like to eat, like I like to eat: giro.”
    Examples: “Giro salad, and there’s lamb or you could put chicken in it.”
    See also: gyro (not to be confused with giro, a service of European banks)
  • rigiro (REE-guh-roh)
    “It’s Italian pasta, you know what it is.”
    Example: “Can I get some rigoro with cheese?”
    See also: rigatoni
  • equoted (EE-kwoh-tid)
    “If I go online to try and get insurance, I can get an equote online.”
    Example: “eBay, equote.”
    See also: esurance
  • vagonado (vah-goh-nahd-OH)
    Jimmy Kimmel: “If you and I were to take a shower together, I would see your vagonads (vah-goh-nahdz).”
    “But then after you see the sides, you’ll go vagonado! Vagonadooooo!”
    See also: hung

Part 1:

Part 2:

Other Shaqtastic Scrabble playing:


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