The Return of Slamball

Awhile ago, we thoroughly dismissed the idea that Slamball, the basketball game played with trampolines, was still in existence. We were wrong.

Apparently, Cartoon Network purchased the rights to televise SlamBall, the latest in a odd series of programming additions to the network historically known for this:

I had always thought that Cartoon Network would be the last channel to stray away from its original intended purpose. For example, MTV went from this…

…to this:

[High quality version]

Cartoon Network has added other original programming in addition Slamball, including BrainRush (kids answer trivia questions while riding roller coasters), Survive This (eight Canadian kids have to survive a fake bus crash, in an offshoot of Survivorman), The Othersiders (a kids version of Ghost Hunters), and Destroy Build Destroy (stuff gets blown up, kids build from the wreckage for a lame competition).

With the addition of this programming, Lifetime is the only channel that still remains true to its original identity: “TV for Women.” In fact, a quick Google Images search for “man beats woman, woman fights back” yields this top result:

Top image result

Are you surprised?

Tomorrow, at least one of the Paints dudes will be live blogging the 12:00 PM Eastern airing of SlamBall, for your reading pleasure. Come back to read it, either live, or read it later!


One Response to The Return of Slamball

  1. […] team. Slamball, of course, being the league that combines basketball and trampolines, which televised its games on Cartoon Network before it was unexpectedly yanked from the schedule. A delightful Dee Brown no-look dunk that […]

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