Season Preview: Utah Jazz

utah jazz1

The Jazz’s franchise began in 1974 in New Orleans. After five seasons they moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. Their first playoff appearance was in 1984. Impressively, the Jazz consistently made the playoffs until 2004. Their ’02-’03 season marked the end of an era, as both John Stockton and Karl Malone left the team. A great deal of the Jazz’s success can be attributed to Stockton and Malone. They made the NBA finals in both their ’96-’97 and ’97-’98 seasons. Unfortunately, both times they were defeated by the Chicago Bulls.

utah jazz2

Quote: “It starts on the defensive end. When we get stops and get on a run we’re unstoppable.” -Mehmet Okur

This Season:

In their most recent preseason game, the Jazz beat the Portland Trail Blazers 99-96. Eric Maynor, a rookie guard, showed promise as he scored 14 points. Mehmet Okur was the leading scorer with 15 points. Wesley Matthews, Ronnie Brewer, and Deron Williams were also double-digit scorers. The Jazz have shown a lot of promise in the preseason. I fully expect to see them in the playoffs. Maybe they will be first in the Northwest Division.

PG: Deron Williams

SG: Ronnie Brewer

SF: Andrei Kirilenko

PF: Carlos Boozer

C: Mehmet Okur

utah jazz3


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