Globetrotting with the Globetrotters: Episode 6

Previously on The Amazing Race: Flight Time and Big Easy catch up at the Roadblock, after Mika has a fear of water.

Departing at 4:20 PM, 50 minutes behind second-to-last place team and a little over 3 hours behind the first-place team Flight Time and Big Easy. The clue instructs them to go to Amsterdam, go to a specific causeway, and find a statue at some sort of rest stop. The earliest flight leaves at midnight, allowing everyone to catch up with each other.

In an interview, Flight Time “I wouldn’t want to have us [in the race as an opponent] either. If it came down to a footrace or anything close, we’re a very, very strong team.”

When they meet the other teams in the airport, they begin to gloat: “Guess who’s bizzack?”

They arrive at the first clue in the Netherlands in third place, and the clue tells them to make their way to Groenegen, and find Martinitoren, highest building in the city, where the Roadblock requires them to walk up the staircase in the church and count the bells in the steeple. While they are doing this, the bells are chiming, to the annoyance of everyone involved. Flight Time had some trouble with this challenge, but they departed in fifth place, looking for Vierhausen De Marne.

The editor plays a bit of a joke as Phil Keoghan describes the Detour: “Farm families in the north of Holland have been enjoying the simple country pleasures for generations.” As Phil says “the simple country pleasures,” the editor adds some video footage of sheep to imply bestiality. At least in Denmark, that kind of stuff doesn’t fly. The detour choices are “Farmers Game” or “Farmers Dance.”

In “Farmers Game,” teams have to swim across a cold creek, strip down to underwear, play three holes of “farmers golf,” reaching par (8) on three holes. If teams can’t make par, they have to start the hole again. Apparently, “farmers golf,” Dutch use wooden shoes attached to poles as clubs. In “Farmers Dance,” teams on traditional Dutch costumes, use a hammer to ring bell, dance to the satisfaction of the natives, and eat a salted herring.

The Globetrotters arrive in fifth and pick “Farmers Dance,” which I find odd, until they explain themselves:

Flight Time: “We have dance routines as a Globetrotter… I enjoy the dancing.”

Big Easy: “Once we got it, it was like Soul Train.”

They “get it” and bike to Zoutkamp Harbor, which is the pit stop for this leg of the race. Phil checks them in:

“Flight Time and Big Easy… you look ridiculous. You are team number 3!”

Will the Globetrotters continue trotting the globe? Will they swap their Globetrotters uniforms for traditional Dutch costumes? Find out next week on “Globetrotting with the Globetrotters!”


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