It’s Always Sunny

Larry Brown has been granted permission by Michael Jordan to interview with Philadelphia to, well, run everything. The Sixers are going to rid themselves of current Head Honcho Eddie Jordan (who was Washington’s coach when they were good) and it appears that Brown and Philadelphia may be reunited. Brown still has a home in Philly and its clear that he can still coach, so why not? I mean, the Bobcats are in the playoffs. Do I have to repeat that? Fine, the Charlotte Bobcats are in the playoffs. And the 76ers are nowhere near where they should be considering they have legitimate talent with the new AI and at least something with Dalembert, Brand, Speights, and Young (who has missed a lot of this season).

Brown may not be returning to Philadelphia with Iverson still running the show, but he is returning to the exact team he lives to coach: a young, inexperienced team thats not really that good. It really isn’t that stunning considering Brown’s track record, which is to get a bad team good then bolt for the next opportunity. And if this was it for Charlotte and Brown, it was a tremendous run/turnaround, still pending playoff results.


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