Observations on the Chicago/Utah Game

….and we’re back. Reggie Miller’s here. But the Custodian is not.

The Octagon and The Franchise do not like the Bulls’ black jersey, the Champ kinda does.

Noah posterizes Carlos Boozer. wow. yes.

The Octagon:

Why doesn’t Carlos Boozer have chest hair anymore? This is disappointing.

Jim Gaffigan has become far too ubiquitious for me to properly appreciate him anymore.

After reading that Dwight Howard has an illegitimate child, I just assume every player in the NBA does now.

Cheryl Miller and Reggie Miller both working the same game?  I wonder if they travel together and what kind of relationship they have. Are they best friends? Rivals?  Is there some sort of bitter resentment among them that Reggie got to play in the NBA and is more respected due to his gender? The world may never know.

Jerry Sloan used to play for the Bulls and is now coaching against them. That hasn’t been mentioned thus far; I guess that angle lost its intrigue at least twelve years ago.

Talk of the National Geographic channel comes up. The Champ and the Franchise begin making squares with their hands. They have to explain themselves and come off as fools in the process.

Why does John Salmons have a Rashard Lewis beard?

Mehmet Okur hits a three.


The Octagon plays Party and Bullshit in the USA and sings along during the chorus. He could be a karaoke champion.

he could of been in Pirates of the Carribbean

Marines: The Few, The Proud, The Healthy, don’t get it, we do.

The Octagon thinks Kyra Sedwick is “disgustingly ugly.”
The Champ really likes Charlie Brown Jazz.
Noah hits a 18 foot jumper!
If the Utah Jazz were to change their name, what should they become? suggestions?
Jazz are cruisin now 40-53.
Lets call it a night this one’s over.
Life’s but a beach for the Jazz in this one.
Good Night Canada.
The Champ has to start cooking for the Paints in the Point Thanksgiving.
Utah wins 105-86.

One Response to Observations on the Chicago/Utah Game

  1. lorena says:

    hi my idol mehmet i really really like u as my idol i always whatching n b a here in china ur team are very nice and very powerful… for me , u are a very good and strong player, so keep up the good play, hehhe or work….. and more powers to ur group team and specialy to u my idol okur…take care always..

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