Heat of the Moment

I don’t even know what to say. I don’t feel like blasting LeBron for being a quitter or being afraid of the challenge. I don’t feel like I need to convince myself that the Heat will in fact not work out. I just don’t know.

When people talk about the Heat, there are essentially three different schools of thought. The first is that people think the Miami Thrice will not be able to coexist on the floor at once. Hey, those are big egos (maybe not Bosh, he seems alright with being the third or fourth best guy on the court) and they are used to getting shots whenever the mood strikes them. Plus, will Coach Spo be able to juggle these talents effectively?

The second is the questions surrounding the rest of the roster. Who else will bring their talent to South Beach? Especially for minimums or significantly less than they would otherwise be able to make. I don’t worry too much, since whatever players decide to go there know exactly what they are getting into. Plus, contenders typically only go 7 or 8 deep in the playoffs.

The third is that there are no worries. With the talent level of those three, its hard to craft an argument that they will flop hard. Maybe an appearance in the Finals isn’t in the immediate forecast, but its hard to argue against these three. Unless you question how much longer Wade can be Wade given his age and injury concerns (28 going on 29 and his explosive-ness will likely take a Kobe-like hit in the next couple of years). Or if you question who exactly will play center and let Bosh play the forward position he feels more comfortable in.

I don’t feel the need to try to diagnose what will happen, not until the rest of the roster is filled out. There are still too many moving parts to be a forecaster this early. On a happier note, John Wall played well. Too bad it was only the Summer League.


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