ABC Loves The Shaq

While I wasn’t too big a fan of last summer’s Shaq Vs. on ABC, the network has picked up the series for a second season, totaling six episodes. Here’s some athletes I’d like to see Shaq go up against:

  • Manny “Pac Man the Destroyer” Pacquiao: It’ll never happen (something about the number and timing of blood tests),  but I’d like to see if Pacquiao would be able to take down a giant approximately nineteen times his size. I’d call the episode “David vs. Diesel.”
  • Tom Hanks (as Forrest Gump): Shaq hasn’t won a single competition yet, but I’d imagine he’d have a shot playing Tom Hanks in ping pong, since Shaq has the wingspan approximately the width of a California Condor.
  • Dwight Howard and his illegitimate children: Remember that show 1 vs. 100 that was on NBC with Bob Saget? I’d imagine it’d be something like that.

Who is on your wish list for the upcoming season of Shaq Vs.?


2 Responses to ABC Loves The Shaq

  1. […] viewing the Freelancer’s reporting (go ahead, read it…), I remembered that Shaq wasn’t always an old and out of shape center. He used to be […]

  2. The Custodian says:

    Sidney Crosby: he was made into a Lake Erie Monsters bobblehead doll after all.

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