The Slamball Live Blog That Never Was

The Custodian is over at The Freelancer’s house and we both tuned in to Cartoon Network dutifully to watch a glorious Slamball playoff game, as indicated by Slamball’s official website. Unfortunately, we were both surprised to discover that an episode of Tom and Jerry was airing in Slamball’s place. A further inquiry of our TV listings indicates that the championship game will air as scheduled next week.

This isn't SlamBall...

This isn't SlamBall...

In other “Paints in the Point” news, you might have noticed some new features. There’s an “Archives” page now, chock-full of archive-ish features, like seeing all the posts on one page. To the right of each page, you will notice that we’ve added both a search feature, and a drop-down list of all articles we have written. Let us know how you like these new features, and come back for the live blog next week!


One Response to The Slamball Live Blog That Never Was

  1. […] that combines basketball and trampolines, which televised its games on Cartoon Network before it was unexpectedly yanked from the schedule. A delightful Dee Brown no-look dunk that decidedly determined the winner of the 1991 Dunk […]

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