Live Blogging the 2009 LeBron James Bike-A-Thon


I Wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller.

Today we were bloggers and ballers.

Attending the LeBron James King for Kids Bikeathon in Akron was our first official outing as a contingent of bloggers. Covering the spectacle were The Champ, The Custodian, and The Franchise. Many moons ago, The Franchise suggested that the group attend the King’s event to publicize The Blog. Today we went big-time, all out for Paints in the Point.

Sporting aviators and three piece suits, the men strolled down Main Street toward the finish line. None other than Nick Cannon was first to cross the line, ironically, Cannon was also wearing a three-piece suit.  

Danny Ferry and Mike Brown followed, and The Custodian was nearly flattened by the large Ferry and his petite daughter. The Franchise approached Ferry for a handshake but ended up bear hugging the loveable GM.

A few minutes later, who other than LeBron James, Mo Williams, and Chris Paul, rode past the Paints Dudes at lightning speed.

The Franchise was able to score a high five from CP3 while the Champ was able to get a fist pound from the King. The Custodian was too busy talking strategy with Cleveland Cavaliers coach Mike Brown.

…more exclusive coverage is to come at a later date.


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