Varejao Opts Out

While a player opting out of their contract is generally not a very notable occurence, Anderson Varejao opting out of his contract in addition to rumours of Ben Wallace retiring cast an unfortunate shadow upon the Cavaliers franchise. Of course, Varejao issued a statement saying that he would prefer to stay in Cleveland and that’s to be expected and nothing may come of this except a minor raise for him as he certainly enjoyed his best season yet starting 42 games and reaching career highs in points, rebounds, and blocks. What makes this newsworthy is the timing, coming just two days after the Cavaliers’ defeat to the Magic. This, in addition to Wallace musing on retirement, shows signs of players abandoing what they may perceive to be a sinking ship. All of this pales in comparision in the upcoming speculation over the next year over whether LeBron will or won’t opt out next year and a lack of Varejao and/or Wallace may factor into his decision.


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